Lawson 10x

Lawson 10x

It’s here. It Works. It’s time.

RPI has been working with Lawson 10x since it was in beta, and our clients are among the earliest adopters. With the lessons learned from all this practical experience, RPI is in a position to guide your organization through the upgrade to Version 10 in an efficient manner.

Version 10x delivers significant advances in both usability and functionality, allowing you to solve old problems in new ways. Collaboration and mobile capabilities are just a part of the vision.

Lawson Presentations

See presentations below, as RPI details some of the differences between Lawson 9 and Lawson 10x.

Lawson 10x Financials Differences

Lawson 10x SCM Differences

Lawson 10x HCM Differences

Also, RPI has offered a live panel discussion, titled Lessons Learned from Installing Lawson 10x, presented at numerous Lawson user groups around the country, as well as a live webinar recording. To view the Powerpoint associated with this presentation, click here.Call RPI today to talk about:

  • Upgrade planning and budgeting
  • System architecture
  • Technical strategy
  • Ming.le (formerly known as Workspace)
  • Single sign on with LSF10
  • Landmark and Process Automation

Lawson Upgrade

According to our 2014 Lawson Benchmarking Survey, approximately one fifth of organizations have already or are in the process of upgrading to 10x. More than half plan to upgrade in 2015.

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