What exactly is Kofax TotalAgility?

Kofax TotalAgility is a highly flexible and versatile content and business process automation platform that combines intelligent data capture with advanced OCR, digital workflow management, and process intelligence. Kofax KTA provides transparency and efficiency to complex process lifecycles and dynamically integrates important content and data with your ERP or ECM systems.

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Hello, welcome to Webinar Wednesdays here at RPI and thank you for joining our webinar about Kofax TotalAgility this morning. A few housekeeping items before we get started, the webinar will be recorded and shared on our website and our YouTube channel in the next few days. For those of you joining in today, a slide deck will be shared via email immediately following this webinar. We also have a moderator standing by to take your questions, so please feel free to submit those through the interface. As they come up he’ll go ahead and interrupt us or wait till the end to kind of ask all those questions at the same time. If you have any ideas for additional webinar topics, something that you’d like to see kind of in the future, please let us know. We can get that slotted on our calendar.

Just a quick note here. There is another webinar today as a part of Webinar Wednesdays where at 1:00 today we’ll be going over our frequently requested Brainware enhancements webinar. And then next month in November we’ll be going through Yoga Connect with ECM and ERP and then some creative uses for iScripts and eForms. So just kind of an overview of some of the common things that we see as far as custom development for your ECM solutions. As I said, my name is Pitts, I have been working in the perceptive content space for about six years now. I have a lot of experience within the clinical healthcare products and solutions, so a lot of your integrations with the EMRs. EMR is working with ECMs in kind of document management throughout that whole process and I also love my dog, Tofu.

My name is Alex Lindsey, I’m a senior solution architect. I’ve been working in the automation phase with ECM products and workflow products for about six years now. I’m specialized in accounts payable and the resources and some other maybe non-standard solutions you might see out there and I’m also a proud father. A few things on our agenda today, we’re going to start out by talking about ourselves, RPI consultants. If you’ve joined webinars before, you may skip this part. If not, you’ll learn a little bit about us. We’ll go into Kofax TotalAgility, what it is and how you could potentially use it. And we’ve also got a demonstration video for you to see basically what it looks like on the back end as well as the front end. Then we’ll have some use cases and examples and close it out with questions.

So a little bit about ourselves. We are RPI consultants. We are a consulting services firm. We have technical experts ranging from consultants to technical architects, solution architects like Pitts and myself and we basically run the gamut of anything that you are looking to accomplish we can work with. We have offices in Kansas City, which is where we’re broadcasting from today, Baltimore and Tampa. And we also work with a number of products that run the gamut from Perceptive Software to OnBase, Brainware, Infor, which is the bulk of our practice located in Baltimore as well as Kofax obviously. We are an authorized Kofax service provider and licensed reseller. We have a lot of experience in the accounts payables face, the human resources space, the healthcare space as well as many other back office and higher education solutions.

Perfect. So Kofax TotalAgility or KTA is a flexible content and business process automation platform. At its core, it’s really a business process management software. Full featured, it has the ability to kind of connect a lot of your systems together and then provide a lot of the custome