Kofax RPA Robo Server Failed to Start

Watch this demo to resolve the error: RoboServer Failed to Start for Kofax RPA. This error occurs when attempting to run RoboServer as administrator.


So, after installing Kofax RPA 10.4 or Kofax Kapow 10.4, you might be tempted to go into the program files into the 10.4 directory and attempt to run the RoboServer dot exe as an administrator. And you will find that you get an error, that the RoboServer failed to start. So, the way to solve that is we actually don’t want to start the RoboServer that way. The fix is that we’re going to open up a command prompt, and instead we’re going to type in roboserver/MC. That will actually start the RoboServer with the management console, and that will successfully start the RoboServer for Kofax RPA 10.4, also known as Kofax Kapow 10.4.

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