An Introduction to OnBase by Hyland

This white paper aims to provide an overview of the OnBase suite of “Enterprise Content Services” to help current and prospective customers gain a better understanding of OnBase’s strategic value and functionality. This paper is perfect for any organization or business considering a new OnBase implementation, or a migration to OnBase from another content services or enterprise content management platform.

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White Paper Excerpt

OnBase (by Hyland) is a market-leading Content Services solution providing functionality that includes document imaging, business process automation, case management, managed destruction of documents and data, and more. The OnBase ecosystem includes over 300 modules, customized to support almost every industry and every business process. For those familiar with other content services or ECM platforms, such as Perceptive Content, many of these concepts will sound familiar.

What is Content Services?

Many are familiar with the term and concept of document imaging or enterprise content management (ECM). As these platforms and solutions have grown and expanded in terms of scope, technology, and business integrations, there has been a shift in how software like OnBase is described. The current term, content services, is a broad term describing the technology and services used to capture, manage and distribute all types of business content.

Content services describes the capture, storage, management, and destruction of documents, data, processes, audit trails, and metrics used in day-to-day business operations. Content services software helps businesses streamline workflows and automate tasks, saving time and money. As such, Hyland Software’s vision for OnBase is to deliver an end-to-end content services solution on a single platform that allows all of a company’s documents, data, processes, and rules to live in one place, while minimizing the need for custom code.

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