Making OnBase & Infor Work Together

Many Infor (Lawson) customers use OnBase to manage the important documents, content, and workflow processes that exist around Infor. Based on our extensive experience using both platforms, here’s our best recommendations for making Infor & OnBase work together for a more seamless solution.

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Okay. Hello everyone. Thank you for joining us for the Making Infor and OnBase Work Together webinar. I have few housekeeping items before we get started, all your lines are muted. So please post any questions throughout this webinar in the go-to meeting question panel, and we will make sure we answer those at the end.

You have an upcoming webinar on August 5th for Upgrading Kofax, and also office hours for Microsoft Power Automate on July 17th. Please make sure you go ahead and register for those on our website. If you’d like to see any of the previous webinars, all the recording to be found also on the website.

Just a little bit about myself. My name is Cailen Myers. I am one of the senior consultant here at RPI. I’ve been supporting, designing, implementing anything on base for well over 10 years now. I do specialize in healthcare and EMR and ERP integration. I have a couple OnBase certifications and also a couple EPIC certi