Infor Document Management (IDM) for CloudSuite

Infor Document Management (IDM) is a central repository where you can maintain your common business rules for creating, storing, and managing documents – such as invoices, vendor document, and employee records. Integrated directly into Infor CloudSuite, IDM is a lightweight document management solution that reduces reliance and dependencies for document interfaces or third-party content management solutions.

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All right, let’s go ahead and get started and once again, I want to welcome you to this morning’s presentation on Infor Document Management. I have two wonderful presenters here for you today, Mr. John Marney, Mr. Jeremy Stoltzfus teaming up to show you where the solution is today, and everything that you can do with it, and where it’s going. I will hand off to them in just a second.

First, please know that we are recording this webinar. It takes us a couple of days to get it rendered and loaded, but once we do move what you got linked. Second, we welcome questions, ask them in the “Go to webinar”, our questions box and we will ask him throughout, and we’ll save some time at the end for more. And with that I give you John and Jeremy.

John Marney:

Hey, thank you, Keith. We’re going to get into this. At Infor Document Management for CloudSuite. We do have some other upcoming webinars. We’re doing this as part of a larger webinar week, so you may be familiar with me every first Wednesday of every month. And next month, our webinar Wednesday is actually TBD. We may be doing some OnBase content and we’re still trying to figure that out. We do have some other office hours presentations. If you’re not familiar with those, those are a little bit of a technical deep dive where you can ask questions and interact with the audience attendees this month through the image shop tasks and next month we’re talking about perceptive experience.

As Keith introduced. My name is John Marney. I’m the Manager of Solution Delivery. I am in the Content and Process Automation practice here at RPI. Our focus is primary on content, and workflow platforms, and robotic process automation, so platforms such as Perceptive, ImageNow, Hyland OnBase, all the Kofax products, et cetera. I’ve been doing this for about nine years. I’m a connoisseur of fine product documentation. I know a good one when I see one and I’m a proud father of a eight month old.

Jeremy S.:

And my name is Jeremy Stoltzfus. I am a Senior Technical Consultant with RPI.

Oh. How about now. Is that better?

All right. My name is Jeremy Stoltzfus. I’m a Senior Technical Consultant with RPI. I have over about 15 years of experience with Infor Lawson Products. Formally, a System Administrator on the client-side for many years, responsible for installations, upgrades, various project implementations. Right now, I’m specializing a lot in process improvement, specifically with Infor process automation and very CloudSuite focused right now.

In my spare time, I like to run and specifically love to run some long-distance relay events.

John Marney:

Really long, really long.

Jeremy S.:

All right, so just a little bit of what we’re going to cover today. We are going to of course, give you an overview of Infor Document Management or IDM and go into the different features and components of it just to give a very high-level introduction of what it is and what it is capable of doing.

We will be looking at a specific case study within IDM and we will also talk about some implementation and migration considerations. And then, of course sum it up and read room at the end for questions.

Okay. What is IDM, Infor Document Management? It is a document repository. Many customers are using something today, other products out there. Infor has now built a document management solution that is built into the Infor OS. Infor OS is the core of your CloudSuite applications. Infor Document Management just comes along with that and is part of that, so it is a native feature within Infor CloudSuite.

Within IDM, there is a standard library of diff