ImageNow 7.4 Release Review

Hyland recently released Perceptive Content (ImageNow) 7.4 and RPI Consultants is here to provide a review of this release, including major fixes and functionality, technical specifications, and upgrade considerations.

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Hello everyone and welcome to another Webinar Wednesday. Today we are going to be talking about Perceptive Content Foundation EP 1, or as you may kind of already perceive to think about it, ImageNow 7.4. So Hyland just released this and we really just wanted to cover with all of you people out there what the new enhancements are going to be, what that’s going to look like, what the release strategy is, and maybe give you guys some pointers on how you can kind of prepare yourselves to move forward with the latest version of Perceptive Content.

A few housekeeping items before we get started. First and foremost, this recording, this video will be recorded, and we will post this onto our sites, onto YouTube as well for you guys to view and to share. For those of you attending today, we’ll provide a little transcript, a copy of this presentation. If you guys have any questions, feel free to go ahead and post those in the chat for this GoToWebinar, we’ll address those at the end. And if you have any other ideas for additional webinars for the future, just let us know and we’ll provide a link at the end where you guys can kind of contact us.

So, before we kind of jump into the content itself, we do have a few other upcoming webinars and live workshop. We have a live workshop coming up at the end of this month at 1:00 PM Central Standard Time covering ImageNow iScripts and tips and tricks and things that you and your team or your DBAs might be able to do to enhance scripts that you have, or if you’d like to start developing some of your own it’s a good jumping off point. Obviously, we recommend you guys do join that. That is also supposed to be inclusive where you give and take, there’s a lot more give and take and not so much me just talking at you kind of thing. Now a few other upcoming webinars, we have AP automation with OnBase on February 19th, so you can learn about how you can automate invoice processing within OnBase and how to migrate report services to reporting dashboard on March 4th at 1:00 as well.

So, a little bit about myself, my name is Alex Lindsey. I’m a senior solutions architect, I’ve been working in the ECM, the content management and the OCR space for seven plus years now specializing in accounts payable integrations, some other nonstandard type solutions that you can kind of use to enhance your OCR solutions as well. Also, mass master whiskey distiller as a soft term, but that and mostly just a proud dad. So, a little on the agenda today, we’ll talk a little bit about RPI Consultants, who we are, what we do, how we can help, what’s new in Perceptive Content Foundation EP 1, so what can you guys expect going forward? We’ll cover some of the pieces within Perceptive Experience, which you’ll find out pretty soon is going to be a big part of the platform moving forward. We’ll jump into a little bit of versioning and the release schedule. I highly encourage you guys to either save that slide or take a snapshot of it while we’re presenting on that so you can kind of keep track of that and notify your teams as needed. A few tips and tricks about planning your next upgrade, and then we’ll close it out with the summary and questions.

A little bit about RPI Consultants, we are a full-service professional service provider. We have over 125 full-time consultants, that includes our project managers, architects, a bunch of very, very smart people spread all across the country, are headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, but we have additional offices in Tampa, Florida, right here in Kansas City where I’m from as well as Phoenix, Arizona. We offer a lot of technical and professional service support, whether that’s upgrades, which we’re obviously talking about today, but if you have new solutions, if you want to bounce new ideas off you, if you just need ad hoc managed services or just an iScript or anything like that, we can generally help you with a lot of those.

We are product and vendor partners with Kofax, Hyland and Infor as well. We are a Hyland-authorized solution provider and reseller that basically incorporates Perceptive Content, formerly ImageNow as some of us still call it around the office, Enterprise Search and Brainware as well as OnBase by Hyland. We have a lot of experience within a lot of different industries, and a lot of it has to do with invoice processing, AP automation and things like that but we have a very broad knowledge of human resources, transcript processing for education institutions as well as healthcare, manufacturing, higher ed.

So, what is new in Content Foundations EP 1? This is just a general list of the things that were used to basically enhance it. Obviously, the name is different, so we’ll have to get used to it, you’ll have to get used to calling it Perceptive Content Foundation, but the big thing has to do, and the majority of the changes are around the content service and the client itself. You’ll notice there’s a new look out there, the content server itself has been updated, the agents have been updated, the fax agent if you’re still using that, output agent, which a lot of clients are, recognition agent, and user replication. Those are the big components that are basically being enhanced. There’s a lot of things that have been done to improve those agents as well to make upgrades a lot easier. Depending on your solution layout and how you guys are using Perceptive Content right now, it should be an easier upgrade path going forward. File conversion service, it’s now called service and not file conversion component, so it’s not FCC anymore. I