Customizing a Public View in Perceptive Content / ImageNow

Watch this video to learn how to set up customized public views in Perceptive Content / ImageNow.


Today I want to show you how to customize a view that’s already been created. Go ahead and click on the view that you would like to customize to your preference. As you can see the view can already have a few filters on it but if you always search a certain way or wanted only view a few things from this pane, you can customize it and save it as a Private Filter so that only you can see it how you would like.

For example, if I didn’t really care what previous school this student was at but I do care about type and I want to see that first I can move that here. Of course, you can add or remove columns using this button up here, the Columns button. Let’s say I want to add the drawer and if there were any notes. Click Okay. All right, this looks about the way I want it so I’m just gonna go ahead and click Save Private Filter and name it. Click Okay. There we go. Now I have my own view created under the Default Admissions view that I can always go to and see the list of documents exactly the way that I would like to see them.

Now if you want to update your view or remove it just go up here to this button Edit Private Filters. Select it. This is how you can either modify or delete your view. That’s it for today for watching How to Customize a Personal View. Thanks for watching.