Correcting History in GHR & S3 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Let’s face it, bad data can happen to good people and data entered into any system is only as good as the information given. Or sometimes, like a game of telephone, the one doing the data entry misunderstands what they are being asked to input. And then there’s the day when you’re just plain off your game and typo something. Big time. Like a $5000.00 adjustment instead of $50.00. Ever have one of those days?

Whether it’s from receiving employee updates late, accidental miss-keying of data, or any variety of issue, when you’ve got bad data in your GHR or S3 system, you need to know how to correct it and ensure that your team is getting the accurate information they need. Join HCM experts Janna Hartsock and Jackie Dudas as they walk you through action corrections and reversals, audit log corrections, data updates, and more.


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