Changes in Latest Perceptive Content Upgrade

Another quarter, another upgrade release.  If you’ve been thinking about making the jump to Perceptive Content 7.1.5 but you’re not sure of the added benefits, below you’ll find a list of some of the enhancements made in the latest version of Perceptive Content.  Please note that this list only details the changes since Perceptive Content 7.1.4. 



Perceptive Content 7.1.5 now gives administrators the ability to distribute Named User Licenses using the License Group feature in the Management Console.  This allows for seat licenses to be tied to a username rather than a specific workstation computer.

Message Queuing Agent

Content 7.1.5 sees the removal of Message Queuing Agent.  This includes both the Windows service as well as inserverMQ.exe.  (Trust us, this IS an enhancement!)

Perceptive Content 7.1.5 now relies on RabbitMQ, an open source message queuing software, to broker messages between the Perceptive Content Server and external clients/agents.  RabbitMQ requires the installation of the Erlang programming language.  You must install Erlang and RabbitMQ before installing Perceptive Content Server 7.1.5.

Object Storage Manager

This release also adds an external plugin for Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).  This allows the Perceptive Content Server 7.1.5 to use Amazon S3 as OSM storage.  It is important to note that due to the slower speeds of S3 storage, document versioning (Document Control Suite) and lifecycle management (Retention Agent) should be disabled for the OSM set using this plugin.

Perceptive Business Insight

Business Insight now leverages IBM Cognos 10.2.2.  Content 7.1.5 does not support older versions of IBM Cognos, therefore a Business Insight upgrade to Cognos 10.2.2 will be required for all clients moving to 7.1.5.

Workflow Designer

The Perceptive Content 7.1.5 Management Console now provides a Perceptive Connect Automated System Queue (ASQ).  This queue leverages Envoy to send web service notifications to an outside business application. 

Sample ASQ Configuration Sample ASQ Workflow
 1  2

Perceptive Integration Server

Perceptive Integration Server 7.1.5 adds the following web service APIs.


Please reach out if you would like to further discuss these changes or other features found in Lexmark Enterprise Software releases!

Adam Kinney
ISTS Senior Consultant
[email protected]

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