Brainware by Hyland (formerly Perceptive Intelligent Capture)

Read this White Paper for an in-depth narrative tour of Brainware by Hyland (formerly known as Perceptive Intelligent Capture), Hyland’s most powerful intelligent data capture platform that effectively reads and extracts key data from documents such as invoices, student transcripts, and incoming mail.

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White Paper Excerpt

After successfully extracting data and information from your documents, Brainware intelligently compares and validates the data against records in your enterprise business systems, such as your Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP), Student Information System (SIS), Electronic Medical Record (EMR), or any other external database. Following validation, data and documents are passed directly into your ERP, SIS, or Enterprise Content Management system to kick off your important business processes, or as exceptions that need further validation.

Brainware is truly a brilliant front-end OCR technology that is flexible and scalable, making it a good fit for many different business processes, and saving companies significant time and money on processing high-volume documents. Advanced configuration for unique business logic, as well as trained ‘learnsets’, can be deployed to further customize your OCR requirements. Brainware is used by companies in almost every industry to extract data elements from many different types, reducing or eliminating manual processes commonly performed in other systems.

How does Brainware work?

Brainware includes an innovative combination of features and technology that enables it to stand completely on its own as a capture, ORC, validation, and processing tool. Each of these functions are flexible and customizable, helping making Brainware easy to integrate with one or many business systems or software tools. From capture to export, Brainware reduces or eliminates the manual interventions required to review, process, and transcribe data into outside business applications.

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