AP Automation with OnBase

Accounts Payable is such a critical department for any organization and invoice processing offers a significant opportunity to reduce errors, delays, and costs – getting vendors paid faster. OnBase by Hyland offers a suite of tools and modules to automate invoice processing and other process improvements.

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Okay. Hello everyone and thank you for joining the Accounts Payable and Invoice Automation webinar. A couple housekeeping items before we get started. This webinar, like all our others, are recorded. If you have any questions, please post those in the GoToWebinar question panel, so we can read those throughout the webinar. Just let you know, we are having a couple issues with audio, so there may be a couple parts in this webinar where you may have to adjust your volume, so I do apologize in advance for that. So, let’s go ahead and get started.

So, this is the webinar on Accounts Payable and Invoice Automation. Hopefully you guys find a lot of value in this webinar as Accounts Payable is such a critical department for any organization. We would like to help speed up any type of the invoice processing to reduce errors, delays, and of course get your vendors paid faster. Hyland has a lot of different tools and modules to automate the invoice processing, and to improve your processes. So hopefully, you guys can find value in this webinar.

Before we get started, we are doing a 2020 OnBase webinar series. Listed here on the screen, we do have some other webinars that we will be hosting this year, so please go to our website and sign up for these if you haven’t already. I do like to mention that the Migrate Report Services to Reporting Dashboard webinar on March 4th is a pretty important one, as Report Services is the module that is being sunsetted with Hyland. So, if you are using that right now, that may be a good webinar for you to look into. Or if you’ve never used Reporting Dashboard, that definitely gives you an opportunity to see that module a little bit closer.

So just a little bit about myself. My name is Cailen Myers, I am a senior consultant here at RPI. It’s been supporting OnBase for over 10 years, designing, implementing, supporting, upgrading. I feel like almost everything OnBase I’ve done. I do have quite a few OnBase certifications, and also EPIC certification. I specialize in healthcare, and then the EMR and ERP integration. And on a more personal level, I am a mom to three Siberian Huskies. And if I have any free time, I do like baking and scrapbooking.

But I’m sure you guys did not come here to hear about me, so let’s get started with the agenda. We’re going to go over the AP automation products and solutions, the OnBase solutions for AP automation, and then we’ll do a summary and answer any questions that we may need to not get to during the webinar.

So, the AP automation overview, I know most of you probably know what it is, but for those of you that are not as familiar, or with just like a little touch up. The reason we want to move to AP automation is because there’s a lot of pain points when we’re doing manual processing. Physical documents are passed back and forth, between departments, users’ locations. There’s continuous email stream. There could be a loss of invoices. Duplicate invoices. No line of sight. No accurate reporting. And manual invoice data entry is of course a very large pain point for time and mistakes.

So, if those manual pain points are not enough reason to move to AP automation, some additional reasons why, is to reduce the cost. So, we want to make the processes for doing the invoices faster, with less overhead. Qualify for early payment discounts. And of course, we want to avoid any of the late payment penalties that you may incur. We also want to reduce errors, so employees can actually focus on the exceptions and poor-quality images, and not having to manually key in the information correctly. We would like to reduce any delays, increase the percentage of straight through invoice processing, increase visibility, so everyone knows where the document is at all times. And then the request to check audit and matching.

Through AP automation, in a perfect world, you would capture the invoice, if that’s via scanner, email, faxes. I