AP Automation with Kofax TotalAgility and Lawson APIA

Implementing Infor Lawson and APIA is an important investment in automating your Accounts Payable (AP) department. However, manually entering and processing invoice data is still a time and resource intensive task. Kofax TotalAgility is a powerful intelligent data capture solution that can extract, validate, and integrate invoice data from physical invoices to significantly reduce or eliminate manual data entry and processing around Infor Lawson and APIA.

Join RPI’s Alex Lindsey and Ben Nichols to learn how you can integrate Kofax TotalAgility with Infor Lawson APIA and let your AP processors focus on higher value tasks and activities.

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Keith Wayland:
Hi, let’s go ahead and get started. Once again, my name’s Keith Wayland. I wanna thank you for taking the time to join this webinar on AP Automation with Kofax TotalAgility and Infor Lawson APIA.

We’ve actually been automating AP departments and AP solutions for over 15 years, and more recently we’ve had a lot of experience leveraging Infor Lawson’s delivered approval module with Kofax TotalAgility to develop cost effective solutions for invoice data capture and routing approval. We think this is a really good combination.

Two wonderful presenters for you here today. Mr. Ben Nichols, Mr. Alex Lindsey and I’m gonna hand off to them in just a second. First I have a couple of housekeeping items. One is we will be taking questions throughout the presentation. Michael Hopkins will ask them as they come up. They love hard, challenging questions so please lay them on us. Also, we will be recording this session. It takes us a few days to get it rendered and uploaded, but once we do we will send you a link so that you can re-watch and share.

With that, I give you Alex and Ben.

Alex Lindsey:
Thank you, Keith, very much for that introduction. Like you said, we are going to talk about AP Automation with Kofax TotalAgility, which is Kofax TotalAgility and Infor Lawson APIA. One note of business here. We do have another team, the Content Process Automation team is going to be doing another webinar. Ben and I are going to be talking about content management with Infor Lawson at 2pm Eastern Standard Time, 1pm Central Standard Time. And there are a plethora of other Lawson webinars going on today as well and we really encourage you to go check those out and sign up for ones that you guys may want to learn about.

For the CPA team, we are actually taking a quick break in January and we’ll be back with a bunch of other content filled webinars in February. To get us started, my name is Alex Lindsey. I’m a senior solutions architect with RPI Consultants. I have been working in the ECM Enterprise Content Management in the AP Automation space for a very long time. I like to design very weird solutions and I’m also a whiskey distiller.

Ben Nichols:
And I’m Ben Nichols. I’ve been working with RPI for a while now and I have four plus years’ experience in designing, scoping out, and creating custom solutions accommodating for a wide variety of both best practice solutions and custom business processes. But typically I focus on the realm of AP and process automation with inside of fina