All Things Accounts Payable Automation

By maximizing or combining enterprise software and technology investments, Accounts Payable and Finance departments can effectively eliminate manual data entry and processing for invoices – significantly reducing costs and delays to get vendors paid faster. Join Senior Solutions Architect Alex Lindsey and Consultant Sean LaBonte to learn more about which products you can use to automation your invoice processing workflows.

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Alex Lindsey:

Hello everyone, and welcome to another Webinar Wednesday with RPI Consultants. Today we’re going to be talking about accounts payable automation for invoice processing and how it could potentially help your solution. And really this is very informational, we’re trying to dig a little bit deeper into what it is. We talk about it quite a bit here at RPI with a lot of our materials and our webinars, but this really digs into how we can automate certain key aspects or all of your invoice processing.

A few housekeeping items to get started. First and foremost, this presentation will be recorded. We’ll be posting this online as well for you to view at a later time or to share if you’d like. The PowerPoint deck will also be distributed. If you have any ideas for future webinars we’d be happy to hear those, and we’ll have an opportunity for questions at the very end, so if you have those go ahead and put those in the GoToWebinar questions box that’s right there so we can get those queued up.

So first and foremost, we do have a few other upcoming webinars. Next month we are only having one due to the holiday week, and we’re going to be talking about what’s new in Perceptive Content / ImageNow, whatever you guys would like to call it, 7.3. And then the month following we’ll be talking all about robots, robotic process automation, RPA, one for accounts payable and then some tips and tricks with our very own Geoff Lilienfeld.

Sean LaBonte:

Right. First off, I’d like to introduce Alex Lindsey. He’s a senior solutions architect with RPI, has many years’ experience designing, implementing, and supporting ECM and advanced data capture solutions, specializes in accounts payable integration, some non-standard solution designs, and OCR. He’s also a master whiskey distiller, seriously, it’s delicious, he’s a novice ax thrower, I don’t know how you’re still a novice after all these years, but…and also, he’s a nerdy dad, loves BioShock.

Alex Lindsey:

He’s a consultant. He has over two years’ experience designing, implementing, and supporting solutions from Hyland, Infor, and Kofax. He specializes in project management, that was actually how he came up through the ranks. He works in accounts payable automation solutions as well, and he is a CAPA certified, certified accounts payable associate. And he̵