Absence Management

Lawson’s new Absence Management module is more than just a replacement for Time Accrual: it is a major leap in functionality. Powerful new features offer flexibility in plan structure and exception management.

Paid leave is an important benefit provided to employees for planned vacation and illness, and it can be critical to maintaining productivity and employee morale. However, the accrual and tracking of paid leave benefits is an area which is poorly managed across companies of all sizes, leading to a significant portion of paid leave absences being taken but not reported or recorded. Companies lose millions of workdays each year because of employee injuries and illnesses, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Lawson Absence Management application can provide your organization with the flexibility, control, and reporting capability to more effectively and efficiently manage your paid leave benefits. Not only can you manage paid leave benefits through Lawson Absence Management, but you can also manage FMLA, Disability, Longevity, and Attendance. Coupled with Lawson’s Business Intelligence Tools, Process Flow, and Employee & Manager Self-Service functionality, Lawson Absence Management provides you a powerful tool to implement best practices in paid leave benefit management.

Absence Management provides many features not available in Time Accrual.

How can RPI help?

RPI’s certified consultants can help your organization implement Lawson Absence Management, whether you are transitioning from Lawson Time Accrual or implementing from scratch. However, rather than simply moving existing procedures to new software, RPI’s team can help your Human Resources department design new processes, taking advantage of the powerful new functionality available in Absence Management. RPI can provide a variety of services, including:

Business Case Development – Considering Absence Management but struggling to get the budget? Significant money is lost in organizations every day through the inability to properly track paid leave benefits. In December 2008, employer costs for paid leave benefits were calculated to be approximately 7.1 % of total employee compensation costs. Let RPI help you to make the case for change.

Product Configuration – RPI’s consulting team will take the time to understand your business needs and goals to ensure that the Absence Management is configured to meet those objectives.

Plan Conversion – We will convert your existing plans from Lawson Time Accrual, your legacy system, or your manual records. However, rather than just converting existing data, our specialized resources will guide your HR staff through the process of collecting new information to maximize functionality in Absence Management.

Process Redesign – Gaining the maximum benefit of a new software package is not just about the software. Process improvement is key to getting the most value out of tracking and analyzing paid leave benefits. RPI will make that easy by looking at existing processes, identifying opportunities for improvement, and designing your future state.

Custom Training – No two implementations are the same. Canned training courses may highlight features that do not apply to your organization and do not take your business processes into account. RPI will combine software functionality with your business objectives to deliver business process-specific training – stressing the features you want to use.

Develop actionable reporting and metrics – Lawson Absence Management tracks many useful pieces of data. The challenge is how to best use this information. RPI will leverage your available reporting tools and develop useful, actionable reports and metrics designed to enable your HR department to make more informed decisions.

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