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RPI combines best practice and industry knowledge with software and process redesign expertise.Learn MorePerceptive Software

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RPI works with your organization to map existing processes, outline responsibilities, and inventory your data.Learn MoreKofax

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At RPI, we seek to form mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. We solve specific business problems through strategic intervention when and where it’s needed, without requiring long-term commitments from our clients.

Our team-based approach allows us to leverage the best resources on a task-by-task basis, never parking a consultant on-site to wait for something to do. We work with our clients to identify cost-effective options such as remote work to minimize travel and downtime costs, cutting-edge technologies to reduce unnecessary effort, and internal specialists that more efficiently complete skill-specific tasks. We pride ourselves in providing clients with the most “bang for the buck”. Our refreshing approach delivers results on time, under budget, and right the first time.

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