Expand OnBase

New Solutions & Optimized Integrations

“New” is fundamental to the nature of business. Departments often create new processes that need to be automated, new product functionality and technology is released all the time, and new regulations require new forms, documents, and data to be captured and processed. Your OnBase implementation will be built to scale with your organization, allowing you to design and implement new solutions, teams, and departments to meet these new challenges.

  • Expand OnBase to Additional Departments
    Let’s say you have OnBase in your Accounts Payable department and it’s successfully reducing errors, delays, and manual invoice processing. Now you want to take further advantage of your Hyland investment and expand OnBase to Human Resources, Legal and Compliance, or Supply Management. RPI Senior OnBase Consultants will work with your system administrators and department leads to design workflows, case management applications, and integrations that work with your existing business systems.
  • Expand System Integrations
    OnBase has the ability to integrate with a wide and ever-expanding variety of business applications, making it easy to keep up with the ever-changing IT landscape. From client-side integrations using AppEnabler or Forms to scripted or direct API integrations, OnBase integrations help keep your data and content synced across business systems.

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