Infor Technical Services

Custom Development, Interfaces, & Infor Process Automation

RPI has established an excellent reputation for our approach to consulting, a low overhead model designed to achieve the maximum results at a minimal cost. We bring leadership, years of lessons learned, and industry best practices – all combined with hands-on experience working with customers across the entire lifecycle of the Infor & Lawson ecosystem.

  • New Systems Implementations & CloudSuite Migrations

  • Post-Implementation & Migration Audits
  • Technical & System Assessments
  • Product / Module Upgrades & Hardware Migrations
  • Managed Services & Remote Administration

Our Technical Services team has some of the most experienced and knowledge Infor Lawson experts in the country and we are ready to solve any technical issue or challenge you might have.

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Infor Process Automation (IPA)

Automated Business Events, Data Transactions, & User Routing

Infor Process Automation (IPA) is a workflow automation engine that allows users to streamline every aspect of the business. If you can complete a task manually, then you can probably automate it using the IPA engine. IPA allows organizations to increase efficiency and reduce errors and costs across all departments and functions.

Business events can drive transactions and initiate alerts to key personnel. Approval flows, such as for invoices and requisitions, are a universal example of where process automation can make a huge impact.

  • Model business processes visually in the Process Designer

  • Publish processes to the server
  • Interact with flows via the Inbasket and email notifications

Built on Infor ION Grid technology, IPA offers enterprise class performance and very high scalability. Administrators can monitor, execute, balance, schedule, troubleshoot and manage the complete life cycle of workflow processes, all within a common user interface using the Infor Lawson Rich Client.

Infor Process Automation integrates tightly with multiple Infor products, including S3, M3, Talent Management, Professional Services Automation, Event Hub, and Cloverleaf. This workflow automation tool is valuable across all enterprise applications, not just Infor/Lawson applications.

Upgrade to IPA

RPI’s team can help you take advantage of IPA’s numerous capabilities. Infor Process Automation has a superior development environment for higher quality flows, reduced development time, and decreased ongoing flow maintenance. Improved error handling capabilities allow errors to be handled proactively at design time, rather than reacting after the flow has been deployed.

IPA has streamlined its administration compared to ProcessFlow Integrator. Lawson Rich Client is IPA’s single interface, housing all of its administrative features. This new approach enables supervisors to monitor flow status with reduced reliance on custom reports or Lawson server file access, and it allows your administrator to quickly spot and troubleshoot any issues.

IPA Services & Solutions

Whether you are upgrading from ProcessFlow Integrator or planning a new IPA roll-out, we can help. We have expertise with a variety of Infor Lawson and third-party integrations, and are available to support you throughout the entire process.

  • Migration from ProcessFlow Integrator to IPA

    We assist with converting current flows to IPA and integrating into the Landmark environment. RPI will also ensure your Smart Notes, Crystal Reports, and other Process Flow dependencies are updated.

  • Approval Flow Development

    Approval flows are essential to your Lawson system, and RPI’s team leverages its experience developing flows for invoices, requisitions, journal entries, personnel actions, and more to best accommodate your needs.

  • Manual Task Automation

    Going beyond the capabilities of Excel Upload Wizard, IPA can automate repetitive manual tasks. In a recent example, one of our clients saved hours of manual work by using a flow to identify and clear reconciliation messages that met certain criteria.

  • Interfaces

    IPA is the perfect platform for building inbound and outbound interfaces. We can help you take advantage of numerous integration technologies including JDBC, file access, message queueing, and web services. Look up data in Lawson with DME/AGS calls and direct database access. Built-in connectors for WebSphere TX, Cloverleaf, and ION provide powerful data transformation.

  • Training & Knowledge Transfer

    You get the most out of this powerful product when your staff is up-to-speed with all of IPA’s functionality. RPI will train your organization’s system administrators and developers on the practices best suited for your business. We also provide end-user training for roll-outs of requisition approval and other business objectives.

  • Real-Time Support & System Administration

    Let us take on the burden of day-to-day support and tasks, such as troubleshooting issue, maintaining an approval matrix, and monitoring system health.

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RPI Consultants combines deep functional and industry experience with expert product knowledge to design, deliver, and support even the most complex Infor projects, including CloudSuite V11 migrations.