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Democratized Business Intelligence Infused with Artificial Intelligence

Organizations spend an enormous amount of time, money and effort to manually compile data from disparate sources only to see the business as it was, not as it is. Infor Birst™ makes business intelligence and analytics easy to consume with pre-built, role-specific content embedded wherever the user needs it.

  • Modern Data Architecture

    Birst’s Modern Data Architecture is secure, scalable, and adaptable to changing business needs, while AI-powered automation reduces many manual tasks.

  • Networked Business Intelligence (BI)

    Birst’s Networked BI is a new approach to delivering data-as-a-service (DaaS), combining centralized and decentralized models of BI and providing agile end-user self-service.

  • Adaptive User Interface

    Birst’s user experience includes visual data discovery, interactive and responsive dashboards, smart analytics, and self-service data preparation.

  • Native Cloud Multi-tenant Architecture

    Birst’s native cloud architecture provides a low total cost of ownership, rapid deployment, programmatic life cycle management, and standards-based, open integration.

Data-driven decisions require more than just data. Let us show you how to optimize your Business Intelligence and Analytics strategy with Infor Birst to save time and money.

  • Make the Business Analyst the Centerpiece

    No one knows the data needed to derive meaningful insights better than Business Analysts. Empower them with the data they need and fewer dependencies on IT.

  • Build it Once, Take Back Your Time

    Do you run the same reports and do the same analyses over and over? Create automated real-time BI processes that give you time to focus on higher value activities.

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