Infor CloudSuite v11

Prepare your People and your Processes for Migration

The transition to Infor CloudSuite V11 represents one of the biggest opportunities to match modern business practices with technology that is data-driven, role-based, and builds best practices from the ground up while reflecting the way work actually gets done.

  • Streamlined reporting through a restructured GL and embedded analytics
  • Ability to store real-world HR structures and a modern open enrollment experience

  • Accounts payable invoice-processing enhancements
  • Reduction in point solution applications
  • Action Requests aligned to business processes

Transformation isn’t always easy and this transition will post challenges. Unlike prior upgrades which were primarily technical infrastructure driven projects, the migration to CloudSuite V11 requires significant buy-in and input from business users. Consequently, the cost and level of effort associated with this migration is also higher than your typical upgrade.

RPI Consultants can help you understand these challenges, measure the real opportunities they represent, calculate actual levels of financial and resource investment, and map out a migration project that works for your specific organization and needs.

RPI Consultants is the Infor community’s leader in CloudSuite V11 migration projects. Let us help you prepare your people and your processes for your future with CloudSuite.

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CloudSuite Pre-Planning Objectives

Know Before You Go

Our Infor CloudSuite V11 Migration Pre-Planning engagement is a valuable exercise in determining accurate expectations and estimates for your migration project, reducing surprises and foreseeing otherwise unforeseen challenges.

Educate Process Owners

Educating process owners on new functionality and the new modern experience, you create a user base that understands the value proposition for migrating and leads them on a path to becoming change agents.

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Identify Business Opportunities

The transition to CloudSuite V11 is an opportunity, not just an upgrade. Developing the proper business case will help justify the time, capital, and resources required, and serves as the foundation for measuring success.

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Recommend Project Scope

Developing the project’s scope and high-level timeline at an early date can help integrate the project with other current or future priorities and pave the road for a smoother implementation with less disruption.

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Catalog & Document Requirements

Cataloging Workflow, Interfaces, Customizations and Extensions will help you map what requirements will be met with out-of-the-box functionality and what gaps remain that will require additional solutions.

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Future-State Reporting Needs

 To take full advantage of the most powerful analytics and reportings features in V11, all data points and mapping for your current reporting needs to be identified and planned out for your future in V11.

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Project Budgeting & Phasing

Phasing your V11 migration is not just a valuable implementation strategy that lets you continue to build on an ever-more solid foundation, it also helps you create an accurate budget for the first phase and future phases.

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