Infor Supply Chain Management

Optimize your Supply Chain Management Across the Enterprise

Infor Supply Chain Management solutions deliver intelligent, real-time supply chain orchestration by connecting companies to their supply chain partners and digitally transforming processes from planning to delivery both within and outside the enterprise.

By connecting systems, trading partners, and devices, and digitalizing supply chain processes end to end, companies gain real time visibility to make data-driven decisions to deliver products and services on time. Infor Supply Chain Managements combines this rich data with predictive and prescriptive insights from Infor Coleman™ AI to deliver an intelligence-driven supply chain.

  • Visibility is the Foundation
    For companies to optimize, internal and external silos must be removed and replaced with transparency and access to real-time intelligent information.
  • The Networked Supply Chain
    About 80% of supply chain processes and data sit outside the enterprise. Organizations must take a networked approach that encompasses the complex business relationships among trading partners and services providers.
  • End-to-End Planning for Profitable Growth
    Infor’s integrated planning suite synchronizes supply and demand. Modular applications target key sources of complexity and advanced algorithms support demand sensing and planning to identify the best use of assets and optimize performance.

Let RPI Consultants help you build Supply Chain Management processes and systems that are ready to adapt and perform in the face of constant change and disruption across your trading partners and service providers.

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Let RPI Consultants Help

Infor SCM with RPI Consultants

RPI Consultants combines broad Infor SCM experience with deep industry and functional knowledge to help our customers build flexible and reliable Supply Chain Management processes and systems. The result is more streamlined processes and more automated tasks, decisions, and activities that reduce errors, delays, and empower teams to focus on more important and value-driven tasks.