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Infor CloudSuite FSM represents a sea change in how organizations are conducting business today. But how do you better leverage your current Infor Lawson system while the migration is on your roadmap?

As an Infor Alliance Partner stretching back years, RPI Consultants have been helping organizations maximize the value of their Lawson solutions and we continue to do so today. As you make plans for your future, RPI can make sure your business is on the best footing currently and continues to be into the future. We can help:

  • Determine your IT strategy to maintain your system in the years to come. We can help you decide which updates make sense for your environment and which ones might not. We can show you what risks you need to look out for and how to mitigate them. And as the rest of your IT environment continues to evolve, RPI can help you ensure your Lawson system keeps performing at the levels you need.
  • Generate more value out of the Lawson investment. What changes can you make now in how you use Lawson that will reap immediate rewards and provide return on investment over the coming years? The RPI Optimization Assessment will take a deep dive into your system and processes to ensure that you are levering the full power and capabilities of the system you own today.

The RPI Optimization Assessment encompasses people, processes, and technology, detailing the current status and opportunities for improvement for every Infor Lawson component and function. These may include opportunities that could be achieved by altering the process, changing the configuration or setup, or by tapping unused functionality residing in the application framework. Associated applications such as imaging can be included. Our assessment will graphically indicate the degree of severity or opportunity for each component to help management quickly identify areas most in need of attention and prioritize improvement efforts. Road maps are provided to communicate the findings, recommendations, and a proposed high-level timelines.

  • Maintain Lawson talent. As the pool of skilled Lawson resources dwindle, how can your organization ensure you will have the support they need over the term of the application? When it comes time to migrate to CloudSuite FSM, will you have the Lawson subject matter expertise needed for the migration? RPI’s Managed Service offering can give you the experience you need for your enterprise application support initiatives:
    • Dedicated Support Coordinator
    • On-Shore Technical & Functional resources
    • Access