Brainware for Transcripts

Technical & Professional Services for Brainware by Hyland

Brainware for Transcripts is a pre-configured implementation of Brainware by Hyland tailored specifically for capturing, extracting, and exporting student and course data from student transcripts.

Student Record and Registrar offices are constantly being asked to reduce costs while simultaneously processing student transcripts faster. These requirements work against each other as more transcripts from more institutions are received every day with little to no industry standardization. Even with strong ECM solutions in place, manual review and data transcription often results in costly delays and errors.

With Brainware for Transcripts, student records offices can process more transcripts faster and with fewer errors because a significant majority of transcripts are processed without requiring any manual review or interventions. This helps to get important student data to the rest of the university faster, allowing other departments to quickly make better informed decisions related to admissions, financial aid, and residence life.