Brainware for Invoices

Professional Services for Brainware by Hyland Out-of-the-Box

Brainware for Invoices is a pre-configured implementation of Brainware tailored to invoice processing and includes invoice templates as well as data extraction and validation rules.

Accounts Payable leaders are constantly being asked to simultaneously reduce costs and improve service for internal and external clients. This typically focuses on processing more invoices for payment faster and with less overhead to take advantage of early payment discounts and to avoid late payment penalties. However, even with strong ERP and ECM implementations, many departments still rely on manually keyed header and GL coding data.

With Brainware for Invoices, AP departments can process significantly more invoices in a shorter amount of time with fewer coding and data entry errors, while also taking advantage of built-in industry standard best practices, thereby realizing a faster ROI. This allows your staff to focus on higher value activities and reduces invoice aging across the organization.