Strategic Services


Tech Pro Unicorn welcomes you to the offerings of Strategic Services! Here we feature content on Intelligent Automation, Organizational Change Management, Software Selection, and Quality Assurance. These are the new offerings from RPI and we are excited to share how these complement both CloudSuite and your other projects.

Change Management

Maximize the return on technological investments by enabling employees to adapt to and sustain change.

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Intelligent Automation

Free your employees from repetitive tasks by automating processes and allow them to focus on the tasks that matter.

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Quality Assurance

Give your project the oversight it needs to realize its full ROI and meet all KPIs.

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Software Selection

Leverage our business process expertise and technology to better navigate the sea of software vendors.

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Organizational Change Management

Change management maximizes the return on technological investments by enabling employees to successfully adapt to and sustain change. During these unusual times, businesses across all industries are implementing new technologies, undergoing cultural shifts, welcoming new leadership, and reimagining how and where we work. With all these changes to your organization and your employees, our Prosci-certified Change Managers create strategies that are tailored to your needs and are seamlessly integrated into your project delivery to maximize the initiative’s ROI.