Working from Home? Catch Up on ImageNow Enhancements & Upgrades

Lower Utilization Means Less Disruption for ImageNow Enhancements

With non-essential workers being sent home, you likely have fewer users and less work being done in your Perceptive Content / ImageNow systems. That makes the current situation the perfect time to work through any ImageNow enhancements, updates, or even upgrades that you’ve been too busy to complete.

We know you’re probably juggling a lot of new challenges as a result of the public health crisis, but RPI Consultants is available to work remotely and independently to complete these smaller projects in your system. Then, when employees settle into working from home or when they eventually return to the office, your ImageNow system will be in a better place than where they left it.

ImageNow Enhancements & Updates

Most organizations that have been using Perceptive Content / ImageNow for a while probably have a wish list of enhancements and updates that have been requested by end-users or system administrators. These enhancements could be as small as eForm styling updates and as big as Workflow redesigns.

These types of enhancements and updates are easy to complete remotely with very little support from IT and minimal interactions with a system administrator or functional user.

  • Workflow Updates & Routing Rule Automation
  • New iScripts for Workflow Automation or Content Import / Export
  • iScript Updates & Improved Exception Handling
  • eForm CSS / Styling Updates
  • eForm Custom Validations & New Functionality
  • Perceptive Experience Content App Updates & Prototyping
  • New Workflows for New Departments

ImageNow Upgrades

There are a lot of great reasons to stay up to date with the latest and greatest versioning from Hyland, but we know that upgrades also require planning and create end-user disruptions. But if you have fewer users in your Perceptive Content / ImageNow environment due to work-from-home or self-quarantine requirements, it’s a great time to consider getting an upgrade completed. RPI Consultants has a lot of experience performing ImageNow Upgrades remotely and we would be able to work with little support or time required from your IT or functional resources. If you want more information on what the current version of ImageNow includes, we recently did a webinar that previews Perceptive Content Foundations EP1 / ImageNow 7.4.

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