RPI Releases ImageNow Benchmark Analysis Results

Baltimore, MD (November 8th, 2013) — RPI Consultants has released the results from its ImageNow Benchmark Analysis, a study created to better understand ImageNow use in the community.

The results revealed that more than half of organizations with ImageNow/Perceptive Content who participated are in Higher Education or Healthcare, making up 37% and 26% of organizations respectively. The remainder of the organizations are scattered among several different industries, including Finance, Manufacturing, and Retail.

RPI Consultants found that ImageNow/Perceptive Content is used successfully by organizations of all sizes. Approximately half of the organizations that participated in the analysis use ImageNow/Perceptive Content in Human Resources, and two thirds use it in Accounts Payable. Most organizations that use ImageNow utilize the product in multiple departments. 68% of respondents have one or more full-time ImageNow Administrators to handle the day to day administration of the product.

The majority of organizations have not yet upgraded to the most recent version of ImageNow/Perceptive Content (6.7) — the great majority are still on versions 6.5 or 6.6. RPI’s position is that ImageNow 6.6 is presently the most reliable and recommends it for the majority of its clients.

The survey revealed that ImageNow/Perceptive Content is successfully being integrated with more than 30 other commercial software products, in addition to several custom-developed applications. About half of the respondents are using some form of intelligent capture; most are using either Kofax or Brainware/Perceptive Intelligent Capture. RPI does not believe that this is a fair representation of ImageNow/Perceptive content users as a whole.

As for iScripts, 84% of respondents are using at least one custom-developed iScript, and 25% are using more than 20 iScripts. Almost 80% of respondents are planning to add more iScripts in the future to further customize ImageNow/Perceptive Content. On the other hand, just over half of the organizations use eForms, though many more are considering their use, developing them, or beginning to roll them out. About half of the eForm users are using them in Accounts Payable for invoice processing.

RPI learned that the biggest challenges respondents face with ImageNow/Perceptive content are related to the need for, difficulty of, and time required for the custom development of ImageNow iScripts and eForms. RPI Consultants has an experienced team of ImageNow consultants who are available to support any organization with such customization needs.

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