RPI Consultants on the Perceptive Hyland Acquisition

RPI Consultants is working closely with both Perceptive and Hyland teams to stay on the front lines of this exciting transition and to provide consistency and continuity for all clients running Perceptive Content / ImageNow.

RPI Consultants and the Imaging Strategy & Technical Services (ISTS) team has been providing consulting services and solutions for Perceptive Software and Kofax products for over a decade, and recently expanded to include over 20 full-time consultants and developers with extensive Hyland OnBase, Perceptive Content / ImageNow, Perceptive Intelligent Capture / Brainware, and Kofax KTM & KTA experience. We are proud of our reputation as trusted advisors and experts for these products and solutions.

As your trusted advisors, we have received a lot of questions and communication about the acquisitions and mergers around Perceptive Software, Kofax, and Hyland. In the interest of our clients, we have been working closely with both Perceptive and Hyland and we hope to provide some answers during this somewhat confusing transition. Our intention is to provide some certainty, as well as consistency and continuity for ImageNow clients as you plan for the future.

Simply put, Hyland is now the owner of both Perceptive Content (ImageNow) and OnBase. These two Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platforms have many similarities, and many Perceptive clients probably evaluated OnBase during their selection process. Both platforms are highly customizable and have been implemented to support nearly every industry vertical and workflow, and both can be integrated seamlessly with third party applications and systems. Both ImageNow and OnBase are also supported by dedicated and talented professional services teams and consulting practices.

At this time, Hyland has indicated that both ImageNow and OnBase will continue to co-exist, and ImageNow will absolutely continue to be supported by Hyland and through partnerships with consulting organizations like RPI. There is no plan to “sunset” ImageNow, no requirements to migrate to OnBase, and no new costs for licenses or support and maintenance. RPI Consultants has been advocating strongly on behalf of our Perceptive clients, and will continue to do so to preserve integrity and confidence in ImageNow implementations.

With that said, it can be assumed that Hyland is not likely to continue developing new features or major enhancements for the ImageNow platform. For many of our clients, this will not cause any major concern as your installed solutions will continue to function and be supported without requiring new features.

However, RPI is still very much committed to developing new products and solutions for ImageNow, including our Yoga SMS mobile approval product and our lightweight web viewer, Yoga. In fact, we just released our newest version of Yoga (v.95) with a number of new features, including filtered searches and Route Back. RPI will also continue to provide support, upgrade assistance, workflow enhancements, custom development, and implementation services.

We do recognize that many of our clients are already considering or planning a migration to OnBase to take advantage of features not currently available on ImageNow. If you are interested in migrating to take advantage of these features, we certainly encourage you to have that conversation; however, if your ImageNow solution does not require any additional features, there is no need to migrate to OnBase.

On behalf of our clients that are interested in transitioning, RPI has already started investing in our ability to help you migrate from ImageNow to OnBase. We are here to provide the same level of service and expertise for OnBase implementations that we have provided for ImageNow. We have sent our consultants to cross train and earn certifications for OnBase, and recently hired Senior Solutions Architect Sydney Isle who has over six years’ experience designing and implementing OnBase products and solutions.

We appreciate that this acquisition may be confusing and disruptive for our ImageNow clients, but we hope this message has helped alleviate some concerns and set a clearer vision for the future. The bottom line is that we will continue to be here to support you and your organization in the near and long term by providing expert advice and guidance for Perceptive and Hyland products and solutions.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to your RPI Consultants contact. Thank you for your continued support of RPI and we look forward to working with you soon!

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