Upgrade to Perceptive Content (ImageNow) 7.3 with RPI Consultants

Introducing Perceptive Content / ImageNow 7.3

Hyland released Perceptive Content / ImageNow 7.3, and Perceptive Content Experience Apps 3.0, in June 2019. This update has many important features and benefits that your organization should consider.

  • System Enhancements, including 64-bit Linux Operating System Support and Integration Server API User Privileges
  • Business Insight Enhancements, including Oracle 12c R2 and a New Report with OSM Extensions
  • User Based Privileges to Enable/Disable Controls
  • User Interface Enhancements
  • Additional Updates to Content Apps: Capture, Folders, Tasks, and Workflow

In addition, organizations that meet any of the following criteria should especially considering upgrading:

  • Perceptive Content version older than 7.1.5
  • Active user of Perceptive Experience Apps version 2.4
  • Current user of WebNow
  • Significant utilization of Perceptive Content privileges
  • Planning to continue with Perceptive Content after 7.3
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Upgrade with RPI Consultants

RPI Consultants has more Perceptive Content / ImageNow consulting experience than any other independent consulting firm, including with complimentary products such as Brainware, Kofax, and Yoga. Our team of consultants also includes broad industry experience and a dedicated PMO to help deliver upgrades on time and on budget.

With RPI Consultants, your Perceptive Content upgrade will include:

  • Support for hardware deployment and pre-production environment migration
  • Identify and resolve database compatibility issues
  • Review and updates ImageNow iScripts and eForms to maintain compatibility
  • Identify and resolve scanner compatibility issues
  • Identify and resolve application server compatibility issues
  • Training on user interface changes and new features and functionality
  • Recreate application plans, views, and capture profiles
  • Project Management for budget, timeline, and resource scheduling

Updated Limited Support and End-of-Life Dates

Perceptive Content 7.1.5

  • Limited Support Starting August 2019
  • End of Support August 2020

Perceptive Content 7.2.2

  • Limited Support Starting May 2020
  • End of Support May 2021

Perceptive Content 7.2.3

  • Limited Support Starting August 2021
  • End of Support August 2021
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