Integrated Change Management Services

Embedded into RPI’s Project Delivery Methodology for Implementation

Even the best managed projects can be thwarted by unmotivated, unprepared, or resistant users. Integrated Change Management ensures we are capturing, documenting, and communicating about real and potentials changes to the users, processes, and systems impacted by change.

  • Change Champion Program

    Change Champion Programs engage users and project team members in a meaningful way to be able to understand and communicate about the project and prepare peers for change.

  • Project Branding & Messaging

    Project Branding & Messaging creates a common vernacular and project identity making it easier for team members and end-users to communicate about the project.

  • Readiness & Impact Assessments

    Change Assessments are critical to measure the readiness of the project to continue moving forward and identify areas of risk or unintended impacts caused by change.

  • Change Communication Plan

    Change Communication Plans take advantage of cultural and organizational communication methods (email, newsletters, etc.) to share information and prepare users for change.

Integrated Change Management engages your project team and end users in a meaningful way to generate excitement, share important information, and assuages end user fears and resistance to change.

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