Yoga Link™

Google Chrome Extension to Link & Search Documents

Yoga Link™ is a Google Chrome Extension that enables search and indexing for documents in Perceptive Content or OnBase while using a web-based viewer.

Search and index of documents using keywords from screens in your enterprise business applications is a fundamental requirement for enterprise content management solutions. Perceptive Content Application Plans and OnBase AppEnabler meet this requirement but are generally limited to the full desktop version of the client, putting a financial and technical burden on business processes.

The Yoga Link Chrome Extension bridges this gap and enables users of Perceptive Experience and WebNow, the OnBase Web Client, and Yoga Docs™ to dynamically search and link documents using the screens in their business applications.

  • Cloud-based Deployment & SaaS Model simplifies licensing, implementation, support, and maintenance.

  • Off-the-Shelf Integration with Perceptive Content (ImageNow), OnBase, and Yoga Docs.