Yoga Dashboard™

Realtime Reporting, Analytics, & Data Visualizations

Yoga Dashboard™ is a flexible and extensible, web-based data and analytics visualization tool that can combine information in real time from multiple enterprise business applications and databases.

Generally, enterprise systems do a pretty good job collecting and storing data but not a very good job of presenting or visualizing information in a way that contributes to informed decision making or much else. This creates a huge divide between the potential and the reality of using data to make better business decisions.

Yoga Dashboard was built to meet real-world reporting and analytics requirements while providing the advanced and beautiful data visualizations that your ERP, CRM, and ECM systems may be missing.

  • Cloud-based Deployment & SaaS Model simplifies licensing, implementation, support, and maintenance.
  • Direct System Integration ensures content and data is automatically passed to enterprise business applications.
  • Standard Data Modeling & Reporting that provides parity with your current report library.

  • Custom Data Modeling that collates related data and information across multiple systems.

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Yoga Flexible Software Suite

Our Yoga products, software, and widgets help bridge the gaps between real-world business requirements and your enterprise technology. We know this because we built each Yoga solution to meet a real-world gap or challenge found during actual customer projects.