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Kofax’s ReadSoft Online (RSO) is a cloud based (SaaS) invoice processing automation solution that can be rapidly deployed and has a low support and maintenance cost for most customers.

Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, it effectively reads and extracts key data elements from invoice documents such as vendor name, invoice number, amount, date, purchase order number, and line item details. ReadSoft Online validates this information against your business system’s master vendor and purchase order tables before invoices are finally ingested into your ERP, ECM, or accounting system.

Apart from the OCR engine, ReadSoft Online has a number of unique features to further automate your invoice processing solution. It incorporates invoice capture, OCR, validation, approvals, and ERP integration for a true Software as a Service (SaaS) accounts payable solution. These features are managed from an extremely user-friendly HTML5 interface. Finally, the total cost of ownership for ReadSoft Online is much lower than that of an on-premises AP intelligent capture solution.

How ReadSoft Online Can Help You

For many AP departments, invoice data entry is a tedious and manual process. AP departments across all industries find this time-consuming task causes payment delays, loss of invoices, and ultimately, additional fees or a loss of vendor rebates.

Another key issue with manual processing is the lack of data validation for invoice data entry. Often, AP departments are at the mercy of clerks or department heads to accurately input general ledger details. Incorrect data entry can lead to accounting errors, ERP exceptions and duplication of effort.

As a true SaaS offering, ReadSoft Online it can be easily implemented to address these issues without having to set up any new server architecture or extending delivery timelines. Adopters of RSO often have immediate success with a quickly realized return on investment (ROI) based on gains in efficiency.

The best return can be found in these types of scenarios:

  • As a front-end OCR engine for captured invoices, complimenting your existing ERP or ECM solutions, such as Lawson, PeopleSoft, Perceptive Content (ImageNow) or OnBase
  • Advanced data capture and integration with ERPs with complex approvals and exceptions
  • ERPs that have a fairly standard data structure, such as Vendor and PO Master, and approval hierarchies that are not highly dynamic.
  • Systems that require a method to apply general ledger coding prior to ERP integration

How ReadSoft Online Works


The majority of businesses receive invoices from a variety of sources. ReadSoft Online can be configured to allow for document capture and import from email, scanner or multi-function devices via shared folders directory. Included with your subscription to ReadSoft Online are email accounts that can be set up to receive invoices specific to your accounts payable department.

Additionally, if you have local electronic copies of invoices, users also have the ability to drag and drop invoices directly into the browser to begin the OCR process for one-off invoice processing.f

ReadSoft Online supports PDF, TIFF and PNG file types.


After document capture, ReadSoft Online will perform its data extraction and verification process. The software can easily be configured to search for and extract many values from your invoice set. These values can be optional or required, and if the software is uncertain of any given data element it will stop for user verification.

Example Scenario: A scanned invoice is received, but due to image quality ReadSoft Online cannot identify the PO number from the document. The software will first extract all the values it can, and then highlight the data elements which need attention.

In this case, the user would input the correct value(s) and verify for completion. A state of completion is indicated by all fields being highlighted with a green circle (see below).

On the back end of this process; extracted vendor and purchase order data is validated against your ERP’s master vendor and purchase order tables. This ensures that all data validated within ReadSoft Online will correctly enter your ERP’s voucher entry process.

As part of the verification process users are actively training the OCR engine to improve vendor specific invoice data extraction. Once a user verifies an invoice those details are stored and later used to better recognize future invoices from the same vendor.


ReadSoft Online offers a couple of add-on features to further enhance and complete any automated AP solution. These consist of the Line Pairing and Approvals modules:

Line Item Extraction & Line Pairing

With this add-on, purchase order invoice lines will be extracted and validated against your purchase order table. With this extracted data, the software will determine if the lines are correctly paired. By performing a two-way match against purchase order and invoice numbers the software can accurately determine whether the invoice matches the purchase order and is ready for ERP integration.

General Ledger & Approvals

General ledger data can also be incorporated into your ReadSoft Online solution to allow for line-level detail entry. General ledger data will be imported into ReadSoft Online to allow users the ability to code non-PO invoices prior to the export of invoice data.

ReadSoft Online can also incorporate a simple in-line approval hierarchy to allow users to input general ledger details and then approve the payment of invoices prior to ERP integration. Simple rules can be put in place to sequentially assign invoices for approval.


After successful invoice data extraction and verification the document and invoice data is exported for ingestion into your ERP or ECM solution. Currently there are direct integration connectors for multiple ERP and ECM solutions and the above methods can be utilized in conjunction with scripting to fit your specific application’s needs.

Prebuilt ReadSoft Integrations

RPI Connectors

Additional Export Options

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Great Plains



Sage 50



Infor Lawson

Infor APIA


Oracle EBS

Perceptive Content (ImageNow)

OnBase by Hyland


Web Services


Additional Features:

Reporting: Standard reports to highlight accruals, invoices in-flight, invoices processed, etc.

Feedback: Provide on-the-fly feedback during processing to improve vendor specific extraction.

Invoice Archival: Invoice documents may be stored within ReadSoft Online for later retrieval and viewing.

Multiple Language Support: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese etc.  A full list of supported languages can be provided upon request.


ReadSoft Online can help to alleviate many of the struggles within your AP department by streamlining invoice capture, enabling data extraction and integration, and eliminating issues that arise from human interaction and manual processing.

As a SaaS based solution, RSO provides flexibility and deep integration with your ERP and ECM solutions with minimal investment of time and resources, and a low cost of ownership. That makes RSO an easy implementation with a quick return on investment.

If you are interested in learning more about Kofax ReadSoft Online and how it can work with your current ERP, ECM, or accounting software, please give us a call at (410) 276-6090, or email us at rpi@rpic.com.

About the Author

RPIC Alex Lindsey

Alex Lindsey, Senior Solutions Architect

Alex has six years of experience designing, implementing, and supporting enterprise content management solutions with Perceptive Content (ImageNow), OnBase by Hyland, and Kofax products. A master of automation, Alex strives to help his customers find ways to increase efficiency, thereby lightening their workload.

Some images courtesy of www.Kofax.com.

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