RPI’s Virtual User Exchange

Thursday, August 6, 2020. 9:30am-7:00pm EST

RPI’s Virtual User Exchange

The RPI VUE is back on August 6th for its second installment with 10 partners joining us. Like last time, we’re again bringing Infor, industry, and automation experts together with you and your peers for a fully-online gathering featuring a host of presentations, discussions, networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities.

The RPI VUE will feature more than 100 sessions covering a host of relevant and insightful topics that matter to how we’re doing business today from Infor, partners, and users like yourself.

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What To Expect

  • Keynotes on the future of CloudSuite, the community and the road ahead
  • 100 track-based sessions covering all functional areas and technology
  • More than 30 “show & tell” demonstrations of the CloudSuite v11 and more
  • Opportunities watch presentations and sit down with 10 partners
  • Infor User Group meetings before the event
  • Virtual social event featuring an interactive games & more

Featuring Presentations by


Time (ET)

9:30am ET 10:00am ET 11:00am ET 12:00pm ET 1:00pm ET 2:00pm ET 3:00pm ET 4:00pm ET 5:00pm ET 6:00pm ET

General Stage

General Stage

Vendor EXPO Open
User Group Breakouts
Vendor EXPO Open
User Group Breakouts
Welcome to RPI’s VUE!
Keith Wayland, Bill GeddyCloudSuite at 2020 & a half 11:20Keith Wayland, Richard Stout
Taking it to the Next Level: Infor Talent Science
Marcus Mosberger
Get Actionable Information Today with Birst
Bradley Stillwell, Aaron Epps
CloudSuite Migrations 101
Richard Stout, Stephanie Kowal, Theresa Nelson
Journey to the Cloud, Behind the Scenes Look (Penn Med)
John Shaposky, Maria Colavita
Intelligent Automation

Breakout Sessions

Infor Tech Vendor EXPO Open
User Group Breakouts
Vendor EXPO Open
User Group Breakouts
Get your GL transaction data into CSF
Jean Turmel, Jonathan Gill
Tech Round Table
Richard Stout, Jeremy Stolzfus, Tom Severson, Ken Foley, Chip Cunningham, Carl Seay
GHR-S3 Interface
Jon Gustafson, Kasey Jennings
Using IPA with the Ming.le ION Inbox
Jeremy Stolzfus
Tech Requirements for CloudSuite
Richard Stout, Chip Cunningham

CloudSuite HCM

Architecting a Benefits Wellness Solution
Kasey Jennings
Covid Tracking & Management in CloudSuite
Matt Slazak, Jonathan Tobe
Configurable Job Applictions
Matt Slazak, Miranda Hyzy
Transition Mgmt
Sarah Tisdale, Jackie Dudas

CloudSuite FSM

v11 Differences (Finance)
Chris Gordon, Cindi Brackins
v11 Differences (SCM)
Diana Theriot, Lauren Beeker
Bank Recon in Cloud Suite
Zach Custodio, Heather Wert
Contract Management Approvals
Stephanie Marquez, Sasha Delfeus
Recon Management
Simeon Stoyanov, Chris Gordon

Process Automation

AP Automation at Nuvance Health
Julia Robinson, Brian Ayres
Microsoft Automation Solutions
John Marney
OnBase Roadmapping for Healthcare
Cailen Myers
Infor Integrations with RPA
Chad Tucker, Quinn Huntsman & Kofax
Planning for Perceptive EP2 & Beyond
Michael Madsen, Alex Lindsey & Hyland

Projects & Services

Mitigating Remote Project Risks
Amy Newman, Theresa Nelson
CloudSuite Projects in a Virtual World (WakeMed)
Bhavesh Patel, Stephanie Kowal
Building a Rockstar Project Team
Melissa Olson, Jonathan Tobe
CloudSuite Reporting Strategy
Kasey Jennings, Dan Cerutti
Spreadsheet Designer
Michelle Hager, Lisa Rogers


ERS – Infor Ambassador – Infor Concierge
Yvonne Cheslog
Experience Beyond – Transformation of GHR UX
Matt Bragstad, Melissa Olson
Migrating to v11 Payroll – Customer Story
Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District
Infor Landmark async for the end user
Don Peterson
Infor Landmark async for Administrators
Glen Rexing


Point of Use
Patrick Ludwig, Joe Arnold
Grant Tracking in Infor: A Conversation
Bob Crissman, Michael Grace
The Art of Influence
Michael Grace, Barbie Hunley

Public Sector

Using Global Ledger/Financials in Public Sector
Lemmaa G, Brenda Gil
Preventing Fraud with Infor Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)
Bradley Gilbeaux, Bob St. Ledger

Customer Track

Making the Infor CloudSuite part of your Digital Strategy
Bryan Beck (KCATA), Richard Stout
Building the Business Case for Infor CloudSuite
Richard A. Isle (GRE), Michael Grace


Fill the Gap with Scalable, Efficient, Cloud Solutions (MHC)
Tim Flynn, Pete Kavanaugh
Journey to a Cloud-based, multi-tenant SaaS platform (MHC)
Dan Ward, Kelly Knight
Making Magic with Infor CloudSuite and MHC
Chris Rademacher, Maria Ormberg
Embrace Automation to Elevate Content Management (MHC)
Bryan Joas
Customer Success Denver Health: Key to a “Healthy” ERP
Keith Thompson, Sherry Dierich


Employer Paycard Compliance
Payroll Compliance – ADP SmartCompliance
Krysta Hall (ADP)


Efficiently Process Medical Claims
Patient Onboarding & Provisioning

Advoco (EAM)

Introduction to Infor EAM
Infor EAM Mobile
Infor EAM for Water & Wastewater
Infor EAM for Healthcare
Infor EAM for Public Sector

Axsium (WFM)

COVID-19 & WFM: Today, Tomorrow & Beyond Digital Signing
Workforce Management Success in the Public Sector
Everything HR Needs to Know About Infor WFM

Questica (Budgeting)

Arm Your Org with the Info It Needs (Questica)
Charlie Francis, Chris Gulka
Using Budgeting Software to Adjust on the Fly (Questica)
Charlie Francis, Doug Fletcher

Dashboard Gear

HCM Reporting
Rich Bendickson
Dashboard Gear
Financials Reporting
Rich Bendickson
Dashboard Gear
SCM Reporting
Rich Bendickson
Dashboard Gear
Infor Reporting
Rich Bendickson
Dashboard Gear

Infor User Group Meetings


Great Lakes UG Business Meeting & Announcements SOCIAL EVENT


Southeast LUG Business Meeting & Announcements


Mid-Atlantic UG Business Meeting & Announcements

Show & Tell

Global Ledger

Vendor EXPO Open
User Group Breakouts
Vendor EXPO Open
User Group Breakouts
Cindi Brackins, Zach Custodio Cindi Brackins, Zach Custodio Vendor EXPO Open SOCIAL EVENT

AP Automation

Mason Auch, Sherri Nettles Chad Tucker, Brian Ayres Mason Auch, Sherri Nettles Mason Auch, Sherri Nettles


Aaron Epps, Beau Hunt Aaron Epps, Beau Hunt Aaron Epps, Beau Hunt Aaron Epps, Beau Hunt

v11 Benefits

Ariane Silva, Dawne Noworyta Ariane Silva, Dawne Noworyta Ariane Silva, Dawne Noworyta

GHR Payroll

Ariane Silva, Kathy Buitendorp Ariane Silva, Kathy Buitendorp

Talent Acquisition

Ashley Rhodes, Daniel Cerutti

Transition Mgmt

Sarah Tisdale, Matt Slazak

Perf Goal

Jackie Dudas, Miranda Hyzy Jackie Dudas, Miranda Hyzy Jackie Dudas, Miranda Hyzy

Occ Health

Emmanuel Taylor, Devona Thompson Emmanuel Taylor, Devona Thompson

Contract Management

Stephanie Marquez, Sasha Delfeus Stephanie Marquez, Sasha Delfeus

Point of Use

Patrick Ludwig, Joe Arnold

Yoga Show & Tell

Yoga Docs & Dashboard – Alex Lindsey Yoga Forms – Alex Lindsey Yoga Docs & Dashboard – Alex Lindsey Yoga Forms – Alex Lindsey

Workforce Management

WFM – Axsium

Questica (Budgeting)

Questica – Budgeting