Yoga Docs™

HTML Based + Java Free Document Web Viewer

Yoga Docs is an HTML-based, java-free web viewer for documents and content stored in enterprise business applications, including Perceptive Content (ImageNow) and OnBase by Hyland.

Not all enterprise systems pay enough attention to how users actually search, retrieve, and view important documents and records. This gap creates unnecessary delays and burdensome technical dependencies due to heavy software architecture.

Yoga Docs was built specifically to meet real-world document search and viewing requirements that may have been overlooked by your ERP, CRM, and ECM providers.

  • Cloud-based Deployment & SaaS Model simplifies licensing, implementation, support, and maintenance.
  • Light-weight, HTML-based Architecture that does not rely on Java results in better performance that’s easier to support.

  • Customizable, Dynamic¬†URLs make it easy to create custom buttons that open and take actions on documents.¬†

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Yoga Flexible Software Suite

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