Yoga Capture™

Email & File Based Content Capture

Yoga Capture is a secure and superior content capture solution that integrates emails, attachments, and network files into your enterprise business applications.

Not all enterprise systems pay enough attention to the actual capture, ingestion, and processing of documents and data that drive your most critical business processes. This gap creates unnecessary delays in document creation and points of failure.

Yoga Capture was built specifically to meet real-world document and content scenarios and requirements that have been overlooked by your ERP, ECM, and BPM providers.

  • Cloud-based Deployment & SaaS Model¬†simplifies implementation, support, and maintenance.¬†

  • Inbox Monitoring for email and attachments for wholistic email capture capabilities with robust auditing and logging.

  • Network & Shared Directory Monitoring for file-based capture of documents and content.¬†