Managed Services & Remote Administration

Professional Services for OnBase by Hyland

Supporting and maintaining your OnBase implementation can be both resource and time intensive, especially when it competes with other important objectives and projects. OnBase administration often requires a level of expertise that is hard to acquire, especially when system administrators are spread across multiple systems and applications. This pressure can lead to complaints from end-users and project delays.

This is why many organizations are turning to RPI Consultants for OnBase Managed Services and Remote Administration. Our OnBase Managed Services model leverages the expertise of an entire team of OnBase consultants, allowing us to offer cost effective services to supplement your internal OnBase support and administration.

  • Database performance and growth maintenance
  • Object storage monitoring and maintenance
  • System log files and performance monitoring
  • Application configuration and testing
  • End-user support and troubleshooting
  • Managed LTR upgrades and EP updates

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