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LTM was made to be a one-stop shop for Human Capital Management, with numerous employee and management spaces in one user-friendly module. Better understand your workforce’s strengths, capabilities, and talents by deploying this software system and leverage RPI’s years of experience to maximize your investment.

As an Infor Alliance Partner, RPI will work with your company to provide the best solution for your HR needs. From implementation to training and live support, our Talent Management team will assist you from start to finish with any of its powerful modules.

What can Lawson Talent Management do for me?

Align employee goals with business objectives with Goal Management

Align employee goals with business objectives. Infor Goal Management aligns employee goals directly to business objectives, helping you understand how each employee impacts the overall success of your organization. Best of all, you position your employees to achieve measurable, relevant results. Collaborative goal setting and action plans help you boost buy-in and improve the likelihood of achieving your desired results.

Goal Management gives you the ability to:

  • Provide a goal library to your employees.
  • Categorize goals and assign to knowledgeable Goal Leaders for more effective insight and oversight.
  • Create action plans for each goal, assign weights to goals, and link goals to activities according to priority.
  • View employee activity and gain insight on how it aligns with organizational goals and business objectives.
  • Link goals to incentive compensation programs to support pay for performance.

Recognize, retain, and reward top performers with Performance Management

Recognize, retain, and reward top performers. Performance Management allows you to create and deploy standardized, online performance appraisal forms with clearly defined evaluation scales, helping to facilitate a thorough, objective review for every employee. This application is designed to help an organization recognize, retain, and reward top performers while reducing attrition and flight risk. Infor Performance Management helps:

  • Supervisors manage, develop, and retain their best people.
  • Reveal where the talent is within your organization, who the top performers are, when personal and organizational goals are reached.
  • Assess all aspects of employees’ performance and success profiles.
  • Analyze gaps of skills for particular positions and jobs.
  • Supports 360-degree and self-appraisals.
  • Manage individuals and teams more effectively with weighted metrics to drive desired performance.
  • Show individual performance review status and overall organizational unit scorecard on a management dashboard.

Beat the competition to top talent with Talent Acquisition

Infor Talent Acquisition arms recruiters and hiring managers with the tools they need to support your organization’s hiring strategy. You’ll understand your workforce needs, and simply re-use existing job success profiles to create requisitions and measure candidate fit. Even better, you can easily tap into your existing talent pool to find the perfect candidate because you already know all about them. You can correspond throughout the hiring process and once your offer is accepted, data captured during the hiring process automatically becomes part of your new employee’s record. All of this means your new hire is able to hit the ground running on their first day.

Maintain pay levels and manage payroll costs with Compensation Management

Compensation Management offers highly efficient capabilities for managing an employee’s total compensation, including pay-for-performance, planning and administration, incentives, and reporting and analytics. The solution helps you:

  • Award compensation increases, such as merit or promotions, by creating a budget, establishing award guidelines, incentives, and making the awarding process simple for management.
  • Perform comprehensive incentive compensation administration, including pay-plan definition, rules automation, eligibility determination, and automated payout functionality.

Set up organizational plans to fill your key positions with Succession Management

Succession Management helps you identify critical talent that you need in your business. Once you understand the behaviors and skills associated with peak performance, the solution equips you to make a powerful impact on your organization’s success by recognizing high performers and developing them for future key roles within your organization. Infor Succession Management helps you keep your business moving forward by:

  • Creating talent profiles and succession pipeline reporting.
  • Identifying key positions critical to business success.
  • Identifying high potential and high performing employees based on defined profile criteria.
  • Measuring qualifications and behavioral fit to potential roles.
  • Alerting you to potential flight risks in key positions that, if vacant, could affect the continuity of your business operations.
  • Keeping track of individual readiness and career paths for future target positions.

Design training plans with Development Planning

Design training plans based upon employee, management, and strategic planning inputs. Development Planning links training and other development activities to resulting competencies and skills. Accordingly, employees have a motivating line of sight to future career opportunities. Development Planning offers access to:

  • Role-based training functionality for administrators, instructors, managers, and employees.
  • Employee development plans, which are linked to training and other activities.
  • Automated skill and competency updates based on training results

Let RPI show you how to meet your strategic goals

Our partnership with RPI Consultants helps us ensure customers can effectively use Lawson products to make their business processes simpler and more cost-effective.

Brian SterrettLawson Software

RPI was flexible to work with our schedule and meet our specific needs. With their help we were ready to move forward with our upgrade.

Tom FarryBon Secours Health Systems

One planning phone call and one follow-up call once our script was written and we were live! Responsive, Professional, Integrity that’s how I would describe RPI Consultants.

Meg KobalterBarton Memorial Hospital

Our [ImageNow] launch was an immediate success. I have to say that after a few months of working with RPI, I wasn’t surprised.

Craig Hopkins, Finance Implementation LeadSisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health Systems

We understood that we required a robust, customized solution. RPI not only had the expertise with ImageNow, they listened to our needs and helped make sure it was a success.

Chris Tozier, Director, IT DepartmentInternational Speedway Corporation

RPI has more than just knowledge. The consultants I have worked with are personable and are leaders who will drive towards a more efficient solution. As a result, we are now recognizing a significant return on investment, with minimal impact to operations.

Joel StaffordBon Secours Health System

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