Expand OnBase by Hyland

RPI’s senior OnBase Consultants combine deep industry and functional experience with expert product and technical knowledge to help organizations expand OnBase implementations to automate more processes, departments, and data integrations.

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Expand OnBase with RPI Consultants

“New” is fundamental to the nature of business. Departments often create new processes that need to be automated, new product functionality and technology is released all the time, and new regulations require new forms, documents, and data to be captured and processed. Your OnBase implementation is built to scale with your organization, allowing you to design and implement new solutions, teams, and departments to meet these new challenges.

RPI Consultants has deep industry and functional knowledge across the enterprise, which we combine to expert product and technical knowledge to design, implement, and expand OnBase solutions and integrations. From the simple to the complex, our Senior OnBase Consultants evaluate current processes, design automated workflows and integrations, and implement new OnBase solutions to help your business meet new challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.

Expand OnBase to Additional Departments

Let’s say you have OnBase in your Accounts Payable department and it’s successfully reducing errors, delays, and manual processing related to Invoice Processing. Now you want to take advantage of your Hyland investment and expand OnBase to Human Resources, Legal and Compliance, or Supply Management. RPI’s Senior OnBase Consultants will work with your system administrators and department leads to design workflows, case management applications, and integrations that work with your existing business systems.

Expand OnBase with System Integrations 

OnBase has the ability to integrate with a wide and ever-expanding variety of business applications, which makes it easy to keep up with the ever changing IT landscape. From client-side integration using AppEnabler or Forms to scripted or direct API integrations, OnBase integrations help keep your data and content synced across business systems.

Want to know more about implementing OnBase by Hyland? Watch our previously recorded webinars on OnBase features, modules and solutions, or register for upcoming OnBase webinars at www.rpic.com/webinars!

OnBase Consultants Expertise

RPI’s OnBase Consultants combine expert product knowledge with real-world industry and functional experience to implement OnBase by Hyland solutions that are based on best practices and proven designs. As a good services partner, we want to share some of that knowledge with our customers through our Knowledge Base and monthly Webinars.

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Industries & Solutions

RPI Consultants has supported Perceptive Content customers across nearly every industry and within every functional department. As a result, our consultants specialize in specific solutions adding functional and domain expertise to deep product knowledge.

Accounts Payable Automation

With deep roots in ERP implementations and shared service centers, we are Accounts Payable (AP) Automation experts. AP Automation solutions with Perceptive Content reduce or eliminate manual data entry from your invoice processing workflows, reducing errors and costs while getting vendors paid faster.

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Healthcare Back Office Automation

Hospitals and healthcare organizations have unique challenges in managing back-office and administrative processes. For example, critical medical equipment requires effective supply chain management and quality of care is directly linked to diligent credentialing by human resources. RPI Consultants has a long history helping hospitals and healthcare organizations meet these unique challenges with tools like Perceptive Content.

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Transcripts & Admissions Automation

Most Admissions Departments still rely on manual data entry to capture transcript data from new student and transfer applications, creating delays and errors that cause higher education institutions to lose best-fit applicants. Transcript & Admissions Automation solutions remove manual data entry, significantly improving data quality and timeliness of transcript and application processing.

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Enterprise Content Management with Infor Lawson

RPI Consultants is also proud to be one of the largest and most respected professional services organizations for Infor Lawson consulting. With half of the company dedicated to Infor Lawson HCM, SCM, and Lawson technical integrations, customers with both Infor Lawson and Perceptive Content benefit greatly from our combined expertise.

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Manufacturing Back Office & Administration

Between changing regulations and an intricate, global supply chain, manufacturers need solutions that are flexible, easy to manage, and offer visibility across the enterprise. RPI Consultants has extensive experience helping manufacturers implement enterprise content management to automate critical document imaging and workflows.

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Human Resources Automation

At any given moment, a Human Resources (HR) department’s focus may be on employee recruitment or retention, benefits administration, legal discovery, or any other employee-focused service, all while proving strict regulatory compliance. Enterprise content management simplifies searching, access, and security for employee records while also providing transparent digital workflows.

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About RPI Consultants

RPI Consultants is an industry leader in Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Content Management, and Business Process Automation technical consulting services. We have extensive experience designing, implementing, and supporting Infor Lawson, Perceptive Content (ImageNow), Kofax, OnBase by Hyland, and Brainware by Hyland (formerly Perceptive Intelligent Capture).

RPI Consultants provides professional and technical services for new installations and upgrades, solution and technical health checks, new solution designs and implementations, custom development and system integrations, custom training,  and environment and product migrations. We are also an authorized license reseller. For more information about RPI Consultants, including license and service quotes, product demonstrations, or general inquiries, visit www.rpic.com/contact.

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Human Capital Management (HCM)

Finance & Supply Chain (FSM)

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Kofax Capture

Kofax Transformation (KTM)

Kofax TotalAgility (KTA)

Kofax Robotic Process Automation (RPA / Kapow)

ReadSoft Online (RSO)

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