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Understanding the Lawson Marketplace

RPI, Infor Lawson Consultants, conducted this benchmarking survey in June, 2014 to obtain a better understanding of the wider Lawson marketplace, especially with respect to its adoption of Lawson 10x. We sent our invitation by email to a list of individuals in over 900 organizations using Lawson. We received 80 responses.

We find that three years after its acquisition by Infor, the future of the Lawson product line is looking clearer. Lawson customers have largely kept the faith, as indicated by the fact that almost all are continuing to upgrade their systems, and a surprising number have already moved forward in implementing applications based on the new Landmark platform.

The Survey

The responses to our online survey come from a wide variety of organizations, large and small. The number of core users in our responding organizations ranges from 15 to over 1,000. The number of people supporting the Lawson system in these organizations ranges from zero to 36.

Our sample is weighted towards organizations in the healthcare and public sectors, areas where Lawson is well established. All in all, while not a scientific sample allowing statistically significant inferences, we feel this is a reasonably representative sampling of the Lawson universe.

Most of our respondents are Lawson system “owners.” While they have a variety of different roles and titles, these are the people in their organization who have overall responsibility for making sure Lawson functions are getting done.

The Findings

The most important finding is that almost all our respondents were committed to upgrading to Lawson 10x. While only 4% are already live on Lawson 10x, 13% have started upgrade process, and an additional 38% intend to upgrade within the next 12 months.

Now that the early adopters have identified the pitfalls, the majority of Lawson organizations are ready to move ahead. This is somewhat remarkable, given that there remains a considerable window of support for Lawson 9x and suggests market confidence in latest Lawson release. Only 4% said they do not intend to upgrade to Lawson 10x.

The new normal

85% of survey respondents have completed or are in process of completing the migration to Lawson Security. The majority of organizations that responded are utilizing Employee and Manager Self-Service (82%), LBI (70%), as well as Requisition Center (68%).

Over 70% of organizations responding to our survey have an imaging system in place that is integrated with Lawson. No one software vendor dominates here.

In the works

Respondents acknowledged purchasing software with future plans to implement. Smart Office, LBI, Asset Management and Grants Management—were the most cited examples of products that organizations own but have not yet implemented.

Landmark has traction

RPI was surprised to learn the extent of the adoption of Landmark applications. Over a third of our respondents have already implemented one or more Landmark applications. This is remarkable, given the fact that the significant majority are still running Lawson 9x. Organizations differ in which of the applications they have installed. IPA is by far the most commonly used, but Global HR and Contract Management also have popularity.

Where does it hurt?

We asked about pain points, and here the answers were not surprising. Cross-browser compatibility, connectivity, and performance were commonly mentioned. Upgrades, particularly migrating customizations through the upgrade process, were commonly cited as pain points.

More Webinars Please

We asked what topics would be of most interest for educational Webinars. Top choices were Lawson 10x, Smart Office, Security, IPA process flow, and Reporting.

Our partnership with RPI Consultants helps us ensure customers can effectively use Lawson products to make their business processes simpler and more cost-effective.

Brian SterrettLawson Software

RPI was flexible to work with our schedule and meet our specific needs. With their help we were ready to move forward with our upgrade.

Tom FarryBon Secours Health Systems

One planning phone call and one follow-up call once our script was written and we were live! Responsive, Professional, Integrity that’s how I would describe RPI Consultants.

Meg KobalterBarton Memorial Hospital

Our [ImageNow] launch was an immediate success. I have to say that after a few months of working with RPI, I wasn’t surprised.

Craig Hopkins, Finance Implementation LeadSisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health Systems

We understood that we required a robust, customized solution. RPI not only had the expertise with ImageNow, they listened to our needs and helped make sure it was a success.

Chris Tozier, Director, IT DepartmentInternational Speedway Corporation

RPI has more than just knowledge. The consultants I have worked with are personable and are leaders who will drive towards a more efficient solution. As a result, we are now recognizing a significant return on investment, with minimal impact to operations.

Joel StaffordBon Secours Health System

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