Kofax RPA Consultants

RPI’s senior Kofax RPA Consultants combine deep industry and functional experience with expert product and technical knowledge to deliver content and process automation solutions integrated across your enterprise platforms.

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Kofax Robotic Process Automation

Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, Kofax Robotic Process Automation (Kofax RPA) allows you to quickly and easily create software robots that replace manual tasks, decisions, and data entry. Without any coding needed, Kofax RPA automates tasks and activities such as logging into web portals, opening desktop applications, performing front-end or back-end lookups, and transposing data between systems – effectively creating a digital workforce that never stops working and never makes mistakes.

RPI’s senior level Kofax RPA Consultants combine Kofax RPA knowledge and expertise with deep industry and technology knowledge to design and create software robots that seamlessly integrate data and decisions between even those most closed off enterprise systems. Kofax RPA Consultants work with you departments to create a roadmap and document requirements for software robots that can be created by either an internal resource or your Kofax RPA Consultants.

Sample Kofax RPA Use Cases: 

  • Transpose data between enterprise applications and terminal applications or mainframes
  • Complete complicated validations across multiple systems, databases, or web portals
  • Monitor vendor or customer data by checking for mergers, acquisitions, or bankruptcies
  • Manage physician credentialing for new and existing care providers
  • Compile physical reports and documents using data from multiple sources

RPI Parter and Imaging Strategy & Technical Services Practice Lead Geoff Lilienfeld dives deep on Kofax RPA, including a real-world use case for real estate.

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Join our Kofax RPA Consultants for a free two-day Kofax RPA workshop in our Kansas City office. We’ll combine instructor led training and hands-on practice to show you how to build software robots that work against your business systems. The next RPA Workshop is scheduled for October 2019.

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Kofax Intelligent Automation Expertise

RPI Consultants combines expert product knowledge with real-world industry and functional experience to implement fully integrated and intelligent Kofax automation solutions that are based on best practices and proven designs. As a good services partner, we share our knowledge with our the Kofax community through our Knowledge Base and monthly Webinars.

Kofax Knowledge Base

Webinar Recordings

Industries & Solutions

RPI Consultants has supported Kofax customers and implementations across nearly every industry and  functional department. As a result, our consultants offer unique value by combining business process recommendations with Kofax product best practices to design, implement, and support intelligent automation solutions that scale with your business and make you more competitive.

Accounts Payable Automation

With deep roots in ERP implementations and shared service centers, we are Accounts Payable (AP) Automation experts. AP Automation solutions with Kofax intelligent automation reduce or eliminate manual data entry from workflow like invoice processing, reducing errors and costs while getting vendors paid faster.

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Healthcare Back Office Automation

Hospitals and healthcare organizations have unique challenges in managing back-office and administrative processes. For example, critical medical equipment requires effective supply chain management and quality of care is directly linked to diligent credentialing by human resources. RPI Consultants has a long history helping hospitals and healthcare organizations meet these unique challenges with Kofax intelligent automation tools.

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Supply Chain Management

When competing in a dynamic and increasingly virtual economy, businesses have to cut costs from back-office processes and functions to improve margins and fight for business. Your supply chain is the perfect place to start and Kofax intelligent automation solutions help you remove manual work and delays from burdensome workflows like packing slips processing.

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Kofax Intelligent Automation with Infor Lawson

RPI Consultants is also proud to be one of the largest and most respected professional services organizations for Infor Lawson consulting. With half of the company dedicated to Infor Lawson HCM, SCM, and Lawson technical integrations, customers with both Infor Lawson and Kofax benefit greatly from our combined expertise.

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Manufacturing Back Office & Administration

Between changing regulations and an intricate, global supply chain, manufacturers need solutions that are flexible, easy to manage, and offer visibility across the enterprise. RPI Consultants has extensive experience helping manufacturers implement Kofax intelligent automation solutions to automate critical business processes and workflows.

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Human Resources Automation

At any given moment, a Human Resources (HR) department’s focus may be on employee recruitment or retention, benefits administration, legal discovery, or any other employee-focused service, all while proving strict regulatory compliance. Kofax intelligent automation solutions reduces manual data entry and transcription, and creates more transparent audit trails for your employee records.

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About RPI Consultants

RPI Consultants is an industry leader in Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Content Management, and Business Process Automation technical consulting services. We have extensive experience designing, implementing, and supporting Infor Lawson, Perceptive Content (ImageNow), Kofax, OnBase by Hyland, and Brainware by Hyland (formerly Perceptive Intelligent Capture).

RPI Consultants provides professional and technical services for new installations and upgrades, solution and technical health checks, new solution designs and implementations, custom development and system integrations, custom training,  and environment and product migrations. We are also an authorized license reseller. For more information about RPI Consultants, including license and service quotes, product demonstrations, or general inquiries, visit www.rpic.com/contact.

Product Partners & Software Expertise

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Finance & Supply Chain (FSM)

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Kofax Capture

Kofax Transformation (KTM)

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Perceptive Content (ImageNow)

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