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RPI Presentations

You’ve seen our webinars. Come to the live show at the Hilton University Place in Charlotte, NC!

Configuration Console Overview: The Power Behind GHR

Monday, 9/18. 11:15 AM — Walden Room

Presented by Matt Slazak, Chip Cunningham

Category/Audience: HCM/GHR, Technology & Tools

Description: Time to take a break and enjoy Configuration Console. Open Configuration Console and let Personalization, Application, Business Classes, Action Requests, Extensions, MIME Types, Actors, Roles and Classes flow.

Top 10 Lawson Projects Every Finance Department Should Do

Monday, 9/18. 11:15 AM — Room University C

Presented by Chris Gordon, Cindi Brackins

Category/Audience: Finance

Description: Join RPI to learn the top projects every finance department should have on their roadmap, the level of effort involved, whether it’s something your organization can take on internally and ROI Extend the use and life of your current applications providing your organization with a deeper appreciation and value of the investments already made by optimizing your software. In this session we will focus on Asset Management, Capitalization through Activity Management, Lease Mgmt, P-Card integrations, JE Approvals, and etc.

Get Ready to Rumble with v11: A Unique Perspective

Monday, 9/18. 11:15 AM — Room University E

Presented by Keith Wayland, Richard Leigh Stout

Category/Audience: Technology & Tools

Description: You’ve heard about it and you’ve learned about it, so now listen to two Infor Lawson experts provide a unique perspective on the current Infor v11 and its developing future. This will be a great opportunity to get the whole team together to get some background and further your organization’s understanding on what it will take to get it done!

Organizational Structures and Charts in Infor Lawson

Monday, 9/18. 1:15 PM — Room University B

Presented by Melissa Olson, Matt Slazak

Category/Audience: HCM/GHR

Description: Melissa Olson and Matt Slazak, two RPI experts in HCM and GHR, will walk through organizational structures and charts, how to get them right, and the value of making them right. Take the time to learn the employee organization chart, the supervisory structure, and their relationships.

Lawson AM: Best Practices

Monday, 9/18. 1:15 PM — Room University D

Presented by Chris Gordon, Cindi Brackins

Category/Audience: FIN.

Description: Learn everything you need to know about creating, depreciating, disposing and transfer of assets in Lawson’s fully integrated module, including how to leverage Asset Templates in PO and AP and how to Capitalize Assets through Activities.

The 2017 IPA Symposium: Information and Q&A Panel Discussion

Monday, 9/18. 2:05 PM — Room University B

Presented by Richard Leigh Stout, Jeff House, Jeremy Stoltzfus, Chip Cunningham, Carl Seay & several customer presenters.

Category/Audience: Technology & Tools

Description: The buzz is growing, and if you’ve not yet heard, RPI will host the first ever Infor Process Automation symposium on Wednesday of the SELUG in conjunction with the Southeast MEGA Lawson User Group Meeting taking place same week. RPI Partners Richard Leigh Stout and Keith Wayland join IPA guru Jeremy Stoltzfus plus several customer presenters to discuss the event’s background, findings from the IPA Symposium survey, what is going on with IPA, what to expect from the event’s Enablement and Advanced tracks, and how attending this event can help you make a real difference in your organization.

Take the School Bus to 10x Financials Differences

Monday, 9/18. 2:05 PM — Room University D

Presented by Chris Gordon, Zach Custodio

Category/Audience: FIN.

Description: Hop on the school bus and take the ride all the way to 10x differences. The RPI bus driver, Chris Gordon, will give a lesson on the new and improved Lawson 10x financials including Ming.le, new navigation functionality, and new features and updates by module.

Open up the RNI Umbrella

Monday, 9/18. 4:10 PM — Room University C

Presented by Keith Wayland, Chris Gordon

Category/Audience: FIN.

Description: Blinded by RNI? Get into the shade with everything you need to about the accounting behind Lawson P2P transactions (RNI, MNR, Invoice Tolerance and Item Cost Variance Suspense – so hot!).

RPI Presentations

You’ve seen our webinars. Come to the live show at the Hilton University Place in Charlotte, NC!

Using IPA for your Interface Engine

Tuesday, 9/19. 9:30 AM — Room University A

Presented by Jeremy Stoltzfus, Jeff House

Category/Audience: Technology & Tools

Description: Learn how to use Infor’s Process Automation (IPA) tool to develop all your interfaces as the interface engine for your enterprise. Discover best practices and pick up a few tips & tricks. Learn how to take full advantage of this powerful tool to simply your IT life and support.

Infor v11 FSM Overview: The New Infor Financials & Supply Management System

Tuesday, 9/19. 9:30 AM — Room University C

Presented by Keith Wayland, Cindi Brackins

Category/Audience: GEN, FIN, SCM

Description: Join RPI Managing Partner, Keith Wayland, and Cindi Brackins, as they give you an overview of the new Infor Lawson Finance & Supply Management Product (v11) that is squarely in your future roadmap. Get the basics, see the details, and understand the structure of this system from the ground up so you can better discuss it within your organization. Join us and hear from two experts with close to 40 years combined experience on this key system to your enterprise.

Infor Compensation Management in GHR v11

Tuesday, 9/19. 10:30 AM — Room University B

Presented by Jackie Dudas, Matt Slazak

Category/Audience: HR/HCM, GHR

Description: RPI will take you through the Infor Lawson Compensation Management module—part of the Global HR Talent Management Suite aka CloudSuite HCM. Better understand the system’s ability to administer base pay and step and grade schedules, as well as more elaborate salary structures. We’ll cover automation for promotions and merits, administering annual bonuses as well as incentive compensation and the integration of Compensation Management into other Talent Management Suite modules and S3. You’ll also get a deep dive into Merit Budgets, showing you the setup and administration, as well as the Manager’s View and activities in Manager Space.

Lawson AC: Guide your Projects Through the Corn Maze

Tuesday, 9/19. 10:30 AM — Room University C

Presented Chris Gordon, Cindi Brackins

Category/Audience: FIN.

Description: Learn how Lawson’s Project Accounting (AC) can help your organization keep track of project expenditures, and project budgets including PO and RQ commitments. Review all the cool things organizations have done with Activities.

Fill your LBP cup with d/EPM Cider

Tuesday, 9/19. 2:15 PM — Room University C

Presented by Beau Hunt, Richard Leigh Stout

Category/Audience: FIN.

Description: A webinar covering everything today’s LBP users should know about d/EPM in planning for Infor’s new budgeting solution.

Lease Management: The Ins and Outs

Tuesday, 9/19. 2:15 PM — Room University D

Presented Chris Gordon, Zach Custodio

Category/Audience: FIN.

Description: Learn about how this integrated Lawson module can assist with the management of your organization’s leases. Greg Pollard and Zach Custodio will cover functionality such as lease maintenance, payment schedule setup, straight line payment calculation and accounting, and regulation compliance for capital leases. See the payment cycle process, from LM payment schedule through invoice creation and interface to AP. Compare the option of LM to maintaining recurring AP invoices, as well as externally managed options.

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