RPI’s proprietary Yoga Forms is a web-based forms solution that allows businesses to quickly and easily deploy forms to capture and integrate data for important business processes and systems.



Many business processes rely heavily on input and information submitted by end users or people outside the organization. Often, this results in inefficient and time-consuming tasks, such manually transcribing data from written forms or images, or costly custom development to create and maintain online forms.

Working closely with our clients, RPI Consultants recognized this challenge and identified the opportunity to develop an easy to use forms platform that could empower business owners to rapidly create and deploy web-based forms are integrated with their important business systems – such as Infor Lawson, Perceptive Content (ImageNow), or OnBase by Hyland.

The result of that effort is our powerful, yet simple, proprietary web-based forms solution, Yoga Forms. With Yoga Forms, clients can quickly create and customize web-based forms with a simple drag and drop user interface, integrate specific data points into an ERP or ECM solution, and publish updates and changes on the fly. Forms can be deployed internally, externally, or framed into existing web pages for simple and seamless integration into existing processes and resources. Forms are saved as PDF files, which can be imported, edited, and/or routed into workflow processes.

Yoga Forms Example: Student Change of Information Form

While Yoga Forms was built to empower business users with little or no development experience, the platform is also flexible enough to handle more complex requirements and integrations, including custom style sheets, SQL queries and conditional logic, and web service calls.

Deployed and hosted on premise or by RPI, and device agnostic, Yoga Forms is a powerful tool that can be utilized by almost every department across every industry, including Accounts Payable & Finance, Human Resources, Higher Education, Financial Services, and Healthcare.


Yoga Forms is a proprietary product and available exclusively through RPI Consultants, although forms may be configured to integrate with any number of ERP or ECM solutions, including Infor Lawson, Perceptive Content (ImageNow), and OnBase by Hyland. Through a standard implementation, RPI consultants will install a dedicated instance of Yoga Forms and provide any and all training according to the needs of the client. Additional services may be provided to support more complex integrations requiring custom styling or development, or for managed services.

Form Designer

Yoga Forms was built around an easy to use and intuitive forms designer, with simple drag and drop interface. Within the designer, users drag different types of data fields or objects to create and configured multiple forms sections, and add inputs such as text fields, numbers or currency, dates and times, and calculated values. The designer also makes it easy to add custom actions for conditional form fields and database base services for lookups.

The form designer makes designing and editing a form in Yoga Forms possible without any development experience, although users are able to expose the native HTML or add a custom style sheet to meet more complex requirements. Additionally, custom SQL queries, web services, and/or Xpath triggers are set within the interface, making it easy for users to setup in-form field lookups and integrate documents and data into an ERP or ECM solution.

Yoga Forms Example: Student ID Data Validations and Settings

Another great feature of the form designer is that web forms can be transcribed into a predefined format, such as employment tax or legal forms like W-9s. Yoga Forms also natively integrates with AssureSign for eSignatures, making it easy to capture legal digital signatures for these types of forms. While the form itself can be laid out in whatever order or format, the data fields and signatures are mapped into the actual form layout when it’s submitted.

Deploying & Submitting Forms

Yoga Forms forms are hosted natively by the web server, which makes them easy to access within a secure network infrastructure. However, forms may also be exposed externally, as needed, using a reverse-proxy.

This ensures the security of the form and web server itself. More often though, forms will be framed into an existing web page or web application which is made possible through HTML5. This means that you can seamlessly integrate forms into existing processes and tools, reducing or eliminating the need for any additional training.

Yoga Forms Example: Live Student Change of Information Form

When users submit forms, the Yoga Forms server automatically saves all submissions in an editable PDF to preserve data and for auditing and troubleshooting purposes. Submissions are then processed according to the form settings – transcribing into legal forms, sending data to an ERP or ECM solution, or exporting images with text files or custom imports.

Native Integrations

Form fields can easily be matched to data points in other systems, such ERPs or ECM platforms like Infor Lawson, Perceptive Content (ImageNow), Kofax, or OnBase by Hyland. RPI has developed Yoga Forms to work especially well with Perceptive Content and OnBase, and utilizes these platforms’ integration servers to quickly transmit documents and data into the library and workflow.

For systems that do not have open integration servers or available web services, Yoga Forms also enables direct integration through direct SQL or database queries. Custom web service calls and database queries can both be set up through the forms designer, making it quick and easy to deploy and test. For even less complex integration, Yoga Forms also has the option to export a simple image file with text file which can be imported by another system.

Solutions & Applications

Yoga Forms was built to be scalable, flexible, and secure enough to be used in almost any solution for almost any industry. Check out some of these examples, but let us know if you have questions about how Yoga Forms could help your business process.

Accounts Payable & Finance

  • Invoice Submission
  • PO Request Forms
  • New Vendor Request / Setup
  • Expense Reimbursements

Human Resources

  • Employee Applications
  • Benefits Elections
  • Employee Surveys or Event RSVPs
  • Transfer Requests

Higher Education

  • Admissions Applications
  • Financial Aid Inquiries
  • Student Employment Requests
  • Transcript Requests


  • New Patient Registration
  • Patient Survey or Event RSVP
  • Patient Requests for Information
  • Patient Billing Requests / Inquiries

Technical Considerations

As a web-based platform and solution, Yoga Forms may be deployed on premise or it can be hosted by RPI Consultants on a dedicated web server instance. Generally, form submissions are not very resource intensive which means the web server does not need to be very robust and will not require much maintenance or attention.

Yoga Forms forms are built and deployed in HTML5, meaning there are no requirements related to Java, Silverlight, or Flash. This enables Yoga Forms to take advantage of HTML5 standards across all modern web browsers and ensures that forms are device agnostic. This means that forms created in Yoga Forms should display the same across any platform or device, including desktop or laptop browser, mobile devices, or tablets. Additionally, form fields interact with each other using Xpath, a widely supported and well documented development language.

For forms that need to be exposed externally, RPI recommends securing the server using a reverse-proxy. RPI will work closely with the client in these situations to ensure the server and the form is completely secure.

License & Pricing

The initial price of a Yoga Forms implementation is $35,000, which includes the license fee and services related to install, configuration, and training. Yoga Forms also has a 20% annual support and maintenance service agreement fee. As compared to other tools, Yoga Forms is not based on a cost-per-submission pricing model and provides for an unlimited number of users, forms, and submissions.

For additional design and implementation support, services will be scoped and quoted separately. For AssureSign integration, transaction packs must be purchased at $1 per transaction, with minimum purchase of 5,000 transaction for the year.

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