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Shared Services

Distributing Responsibilities for Further Efficiency

RPI is the leader in the design and implementation of Shared Service centers.
We have assisted organizations ranging in size with design, build, deployment and optimization of these centers.

By combining past experience with best practices, RPI has refined a methodology for the deployment of Shared Services. This methodology has been updated over the years as the availability of new market-ready technologies has impacted the ability to scale processes and has been modified for each organization based upon the specific needs and goals of the organization’s leadership. Our recommended model has been refined and improved over time based upon the feedback of our customers and the real results of what works best in their shared service departments. Experience makes our model stronger.

RPI’s Shared Service capabilities and experiences include:

  • Business case development to identify and quantify the value of shared services, costs, potential challenges, and risk mitigation strategy
  • Transition and Change Management planning and leadership
  • Department Staffing Design, job description development, and assistance in hiring department leaders
  • Communication Plan and development of communication materials including the “Welcome Kit”
  • Identification of technologies to reduce required staffing  levels, improve service, and reduce risk of errors
  • Process Design for all business functions to be performed by the department
  • Metrics and Continuous Improvement Strategy
  • Cash Management analysis and strategy
  • Item and Vendor Master File Creation, standardization, and Cleansing
  • Interim Leadership

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