Business Process Improvement

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As part of our business process review, RPI works with your organization to map existing processes, outline staff responsibilities, and inventory your data. We use this information to recommend and implement improvements that increase departmental efficiencies and reduce time dedicated to mindless transaction processing time. This allows resources to focus on continuous improvement and proactively seek opportunities to improve customer service, reduce errors and further develop operational efficiencies.

Finding the right people for your project is a key component of success. Whether your company is seeking to eliminate invoice entry, implementing an imaging solution, building shared service centers, or re-engineering workflow, a committed partner can offer invaluable advice for overcoming the political, organizational and economic challenges inherent in implementing change. The right consulting firm should provide assistance when and where you need it and easily cater to the size and speed of any initiative.

From strategic planning through execution, our highly experienced team understands that every organization faces unique challenges and that those challenges cannot be addressed with a cookie cutter approach. RPI’s consulting model emphasizes listening to our clients and understanding the complexities of their business first, and developing solutions to address their needs second. Our staff combines a strong work ethic with the ability to leverage both technology and industry experience, and always seeks to facilitate positive change.

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