Perceptive Content / ImageNow 7.1.5 End-of-Life Plan

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ImageNow 7.1.5 End-of-Life

Hyland will be ending regular support and maintenance for Perceptive Content / ImageNow 7.1.5 on August 1st, 2020. If you are still running ImageNow 7.1.5, you will need to upgrade before this date to maintain full supportability.

Upgrading will also help you take advantage of new technical and system enhancements that can help your ImageNow solutions work and perform better.

Perceptive Content EP2

The most recent version of ImageNow is Perceptive Content Enhancement Pack 2 (EP2), and it will be available by June 2020.

There are some great feature updates in the EP2 release, but there are also a number of important technical and software enhancements that were made available in versions immediately following 7.1.5, including:

  • HTML5 Web Client Support with Perceptive Experience
  • Expanded Integration Server Functionality (for integration with other apps)
  • Enterprise Search (replaces Full-text Search)

Upgrade with RPI Consultants

Preparing for an upgrade does not have to be complicated or time consuming. RPI Consultants has over a decade of Perceptive Content experience and has completed hundreds of ImageNow upgrades.

With our team of Senior Consultants, you can start your upgrade almost immediately and complete your upgrade before the ImageNow 7.1.5 End-of-Life support date.