The Project Delivery Playbook

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RPI Consultants is the most experienced, most respected, and most competent professional services provider for all things enterprise technology. In addition to many other exciting projects, we will be responsible for delivering many of Infor’s customers to Infor V11 CloudSuite. These projects will keep getting bigger and more complex. They will take a lot of time and resources. We can’t fuck them up.

The Project Delivery Playbook is a detailed vision for delivering the ever more perfect project. It has been created by our own brightest consultants and project managers, and is based on our collective best practices, lessons learned, and proven methods. It details every task, deliverable, and milestone you may or may not need to plan, execute, and close your project.

But isn’t each client, department, and project unique? Yes of course, at least that’s what we tell them. There are going to be exceptions, concessions, and unknown variables on projects, but The Delivery Manifesto is your head start, offering a foundation and scaffolding from which you can adapt to our clients needs.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, and you really should choose to accept it, is to make every project you work on the best version of our work delivered yet.

Much like CloudSuite migration projects, Keith’s wardrobe, and Barbie’s passion for environmental sustainability, rolling out the Project Delivery Playbook is huge. We want your feedback on how best to roll this out – a small drip or a full one-time flush.