Lippert chooses RPI for Perceptive Content & Brainware Managed Services

Case Study: Learn why Lippert Components chose RPI Consultants to manage their Perceptive Content and Brainware implementations.



Under the guidance and leadership of third generation CEO Jason Lippert, multiple acquisitions and savvy leadership have set Lippert apart from their competition, and put them in a class of their own as a now $2 billion revenue company. To help automate this significant workload, Lippert wisely chose Perceptive Content and Brainware (formerly Perceptive Intelligent Capture) as its enterprise software solution.

In 2014, Lippert realized that despite the many benefits of Perceptive Content and Brainware, their complex and high-volume solution led to spending too much time trying to solve difficult operational and technical conflicts. In addition, their company’s innovative nature and unique take on conducting business meant they were in search of customized solutions that would help streamline their software and take it to the next level.

The Start of a Productive Relationship

Lippert reached out to RPI and was quickly provided with a proposal for Managed Services. RPI immediately became familiar with the wide scope of Lippert’s lateral reach within the RV, trucking, and adjacent industries, and started working up a plan with targeted goals for the following months. RPI Consultants listened closely to Lippert’s needs and addressed them one by one. RPI drafted a plan to assist with refining their automation through Intelligent Capture tuning, added iScripts, system stability improvements, process enhancements, and more.

Responsive and Reliable Support

Lippert IT staff needed a third party that was knowledgeable of the Perceptive products to take the reins and allow them to focus on other strategic initiatives while having visibility to the work performed. A communication system was put in place to allow easy access to the RPI team, document the work performed, and provide accountability.

Equally important to being reactionary, RPI was tasked with proactive maintenance of the Intelligent Capture and Content platforms as well as advising on opportunities to further automate the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and other processes. RPI was in a unique position to assist with these requests due to the expertise of RPI’s consultants in both the functional and technical aspects of these systems and the Procure to Pay and Accounts Receivable business processes.

Process Enhancements

Lippert’s continued growth has not been without its growing pains. Acquiring multiple organizations, while great for business, created a headache of paperwork processing − especially for Accounts Payable processes. After a careful analysis of the situation, RPI created custom Perceptive Content iScripts that have enabled Lippert to begin advanced intercompany invoice imaging, drastically reducing the time needed for document processing, not to mention the cost.

Interact for SalesForce is another Perceptive product Lippert uses to increase its efficiency. Over the course of the past year RPI has assisted in fine-tuning Lippert’s Interact for SalesForce software using custom iScripts to enable various automation initiatives. RPI has also made significant enhancements to Lippert’s Recognition Agent process, enabling the automation of sorting and indexing and thereby greatly speeding up Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable business processes.

Intelligent Automation

Lippert is now able to move full steam ahead with customized automation solutions leveraging Perceptive Content and Intelligent Capture. With RPI’s assistance, Lippert is able to stay on the cutting edge of the recreational vehicle industry, ensuring that the advantage they hold over their competitors remains stronger than ever.

Continual Symbiotic Growth

Through Managed Services with RPI, Lippert has been able to continue their steady growth and focus on other areas, knowing that a team of Perceptive experts is on call at a moment’s notice. As their software and business needs morph and evolve, RPI is right alongside them, innovating solutions to match new challenges as they arise. RPI looks forward to growing alongside Lippert for a long time to come.

About RPI Consultants

RPI Consultants is a professional services organization with over 18 years of experience supporting ERP, ECM, and Advanced Data Capture products and solutions, including Lawson, PeopleSoft, Perceptive Content, Kofax, and OnBase. RPI Consultants is based out of Baltimore, MD, with other offices located in Tampa, FL and Kansas City, MO.

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RPIC John Marney

John Marney | RPI Consultants Manager, Solution Delivery

John has over seven years of experience designing, implementing, and supporting enterprise content management solutions with Perceptive Content (ImageNow), OnBase by Hyland, and Kofax products. A true veteran of the industry, John now helps lead our team of consultants and solution architects.