Migrating Enterprise Content & Data into the Cloud

Organizations that have implemented large enterprise content and business process management solutions understand the burden of data and content storage. From server and storage costs to ongoing support and monitoring, managing large amounts of content and data on-premises or through your virtual environments is time and resource consuming.

Find out how you can migrate your enterprise content and data, including your Perceptive Content OSM and INOW database, into the cloud. Cloud-based storage saves time and resources by off-loading time consuming tasks, monitoring, and issue management, while maintaining performance and system availability.

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John Marney:

Hi everyone. Thanks for joining us for another RPI Consultants webinar Wednesday. This is Michael and John part two.

Mike Madsen:

We’re back.

John Marney:

Today, this afternoon, we’re discussing how to migrate your data and your content into the cloud. This is going to cover a wide variety of cloud topics and expect this webinar to run a little longer than most of ours do, probably just over half an hour. So, buckle in, but I think we’ve got some really good material ready for you.

As far as other upcoming webinars: Next month on Wednesday, November 6th, we have a Kofax themed webinar series, What’s New in Kofax TotalAgility, 7.6? Subtitle: The Elimination of Silverlight. And then in the afternoon we have what’s new in Kofax ReadSoft Online. If you haven’t joined us for our office hours, that’s a different kind of webinar where we take a deep dive into a technical topic with hands on demonstrations, taking questions, and demo requests from attendees. So, we have one of those a month.

The October one is over perceptive content application plans and then the November office hours is over perceptive experience. Most of you know me. My name is John Marney, manager of the Content and Process Automation practice here at RPI. That’s us here in Kansas City. I have been doing this for around a decade now, as Michael reminded me just a few minutes ago, and that made me feel really good, and I do consider myself an AP automation guru.

Mike Madsen:

And hello, I’m Mike Madsen. I’m a lead consultant here primarily working with Perceptive Content Brainware programs and I work a lot with ba