White Paper: Enterprise Search by Hyland

Enterprise Search by Hyland is a robust and powerful search engine that indexes and searches multiple document, record, and data repositories across your organization, including ERP, ECM, and BPM systems, network directories, and even websites.

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White Paper Excerpt

Enterprise Search by Hyland is a powerful search engine that indexes and searches through documents, files, and data repositories throughout your organization. Generally speaking, Enterprise Search is platform agnostic which means that it can be configured for nearly any data source or indexing system, including Hyland products OnBase and Perceptive Content, but also ERPs, EMRs, shared network directories, email servers, and even public websites.

In addition to standard keyword and index key searching, Enterprise Search also runs documents through Optical Character Recognition (OCR), providing full-text level searching across document repositories. OCR indexing includes structured document storage and repositories, as well as semi-structured and unstructured content stores.

Enterprise Search is also relatively easy to configure, with the Administration Console and End User portal both available through a clean and intuitive HTML5 browser interface, similar to Google or Bing. However, it does require its own web server with additional optional servers to support content crawling and indexing services. Additionally, due to the amount of data required to support Enterprise Search, it requires a significant amount of storage.

Business Challenges

Every organization and industry represents unique and diverse business challenges, but content and data transparency are universal. Important business processes can experience costly delays and errors when users and departments don’t have access to key documents, correspondence, and other critical information that is required to get work done.

Enterprise Search can be configured to meet several important business challenges, including:

  • Issue Troubleshooting and Support
  • Customer Service and Management
  • Contracts and Service Agreements
  • Annual Auditing and Compliance
  • Legal Discovery and eDiscovery